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I need a browser that supports this game, in 32 bits

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  • I need a browser that supports this game, in 32 bits

    Bom parece que sou o único por enquanto que, tenho dificuldade em jogar Towers Keepers no meu PC, tudo porque desde fevereiro o navegador "Google Chrome" desativou uma extenção, onde sem ela o jogo NÃO rodar, ou raramente rodar depois de umas dez tentativas.

    Eu tentei vários navegadores, contatei os programadores do jogo, como o Aaron que me deu um otimo atendimento, mas todos eles seguem o "padrão Chromonium" e desativaram essa extensão. Os que mais sobreviveram foram "navegadores Opera e Vivaldi", mas quando se atualizaram, eles também desartivaram essa extensão, onde por consequencia o jogo não funciona mais.

    Quem aqui também tiver "computador de 32 bits" e saber de um navegador que, além de rodar este jogo, como também pudesse "desativar atualização", algo que não tinha como desativar em "Opera" e ignorei no "Vivaldi" por ele ter um atraso de som no jogo, e que não tenha essa extensão desativada que está num PRINT abaixo, eu agradecerei.

    Well it seems that I am the only one for the time being, I have difficulty playing Towers Keepers on my PC, everything because since February the browser "Google Chrome" has disabled an extension, where without it the game does NOT run, or rarely run after about ten attempts .

    I tried several browsers, I contacted the programmers of the game, like Aaron who gave me a great service, but they all follow the "Chromonium standard" and deactivated this extension. The ones that survived most were "Opera and Vivaldi browsers," but when they were upgraded, they also deactivated this extension, whereby the game no longer works.

    Who here also has "32-bit computer" and know of a browser that, in addition to running this game, could also "disable update", something that I could not disable in "Opera" and ignored in "Vivaldi" a sound delay in the game, and that does not have that extension disabled that is in a PRINT below, I will be grateful.

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    "Don't expose disjoint_timer_query extensions for WebGL" This is what is stopping me from being able to play today this magnificent game.


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      And the consequence of the extension deactivated, is this message that prevents the game from loading:


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        Well, I have good news, I downloaded a few hours later the "Avant Browser" browser and it did not disable that extension, yet. The game here runs as smoothly as it did on "Google Chrome", without crashing in certain fights and without any audio delays. But if it updates itself automatically (because it does not seem to have a means of disabling update in that browser) then I will need other browsers, or those that still have this extension ON, so I can always play Tower Keepers. And I'd appreciate it if you could help me with this problem.


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          I can run TK on Chrome version 66.0.3359.117 (64 bits) and firefox 52.6.0 ESR (32-bit). But I'm using Slimjet (32 bits) for a long time to play NK games.


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            Slimjet, I already wrote down. So when the other browser by chance prevents me from playing T.K., I will then download that browser on time. Thank you very much, Edu TKD.

            While Fire Fox was the first browser I tried to replace Chrome, but that also prevents the game from breeding, and even crash my PC when I move in some settings of it.


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              Check if Hardware Acceleration in Firefox settings and also in the games flash menu in firefox (you can open that on a flash application by makign a right click and open flash menu from there) if on any of the 2 hardware acceleration is on then turn all/booth off and restart firefox and see if its off now. If you are lucky then ithopefully dont crushes anymore but i dont think so but its worth a try.

              There exist archvied old versions for nearly each browser so if you you know that 1 version before did work you might replace the one you use now that dont works with the old that works though that might not work that good with chrome as its the only browser that cant just have its autom update turned of and if it reinstalls auto then it would replace the old version again and dont works again though theoretically chrome can have auto update turned off but its hard as it requires to change around in systems HKEYs though there is aprogram form 2016 that with which one can with on click deactivate and active auto update for nearly all browser but i dont know if til works on chrome now as its form 2016.

              I doubt that the problem is caused by 32-bit though how old is your computer and system then as i think nowadays all are above 32-bit already which work with 32-bit and higher ones (mines far over 10 years old and still always had above 32-bit already) so have you looked in your system informations if you reallyhave only 32-bit? You might as well just download and try versions of firefox, chrome and others and maybe they still work on your computer.

              Maybe try Opera too first and that with the downgrade/old versions i would try only as the last thing when nothing else worked.


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                Sim eu sei sobre as versões antigas. Mas enfim, o Avant Browers lamentavelmente, forçou uma atualização da versão mais recente, que ELIMINA A EXTENÇÃO DA WEBGL, tornando impossivel entrar no jogo. Mas para a minha alegria, o "Slimjet" que estou a mais de um mês usando, funciona em 100%, apesar do Navegador estranhamente dar erro em "ID" da conta do jogo, mas reiniciando a conta faz tudo rodar normal. A melhor parte é que, este navegador "não forçar atualização", então eu vou ficar definitivamente com esse navegador, até que eu completar a ultima "conquistas", ou mudar para um PC mais potente, que consiga rodar navegadores de 64 bits. Mas muito obrigado pelas dicas.

                Yes I know about the old versions. But anyway, Avant Browers regrettably has forced an update on the latest version, which ELIMINATES THE EXTENT OF WEBGL, making it impossible to get into the game. But to my delight, the "Slimjet" that I am more than a month using, works at 100%, although the Browser strangely give error in "ID" of the game account, but restarting the account makes everything run normal . The best part is that, this browser does not "force update", so I'll definitely stay with this browser, until I complete the latest "achievements", or switch to a more powerful PC that can run 64-bit browsers. But thank you for the tips.


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                  Chrome has always worked fine for me...


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                    I'm using Opera for Tower Keepers on my main computer.
                    Chrome or Slimjet crash if I play long enough (like 4+ hours), not sure why I can play all day long on Opera without crashing (all 3 browsers are chromium based).

                    But I can't play this game on my laptop or some slightly weaker computers, tried many browsers to no avail, which is weird since my laptop can handle games like Neverwinter etc.
                    My laptop has 32-bit windows 8.1, 2 GB RAM.

                    Thank you for suggesting Slimjet I've installed Slimjet (32 bits) on my laptop and it did solve the first problem and the game was loading much further, but at the end it still not loaded. I don't know why.


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                      Yes perfectly. But beware, SlimJet has already upgraded the chromium to "version 66" so that this update does not occur, disable the update check. This message occurs only once, thankfully.

                      The Avant Browes was better browser for weak computer, but this is IMPOSSIBLE disable update, always asking if that update now, until someone press a SIM and so RUIN the game, it is total disappointment that I had, unlike SlimJets.


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                        Just checked if Slimjet is still working on my main computer for Tower Keepers. It works!
                        Version (based on Chromium 64.0.3282.119) (Official Build) (32-bit)

                        Thanks for the warning, I won't update Slimjet, it says is available.

                        But I doubt it would be a problem since I've updated Opera and Tower Keepers works just fine (my laptop is a different story, none of the browsers can fully load Tower Keepers).

                        Version information
                        53.0.2907.106 - Opera is up to date
                        Windows 8.1 64-bit
                        Browser identification

                        Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.170 Safari/537.36 OPR/53.0.2907.106