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  • Max Level 60 Update Ideas

    So I was looking on the wiki and stumbled across a thread or page (which I can't find anymore for some reason) which featured a weapon requiring a level 60 alchemist to craft which was supposedly found in the game files.

    Now I know NK did increase the level cap before, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did it again, in fact a good number of people on the Discord are looking forward to a max level 60 update in the near future.

    If this leak is in fact true, then I'd like to see the following for when the Keeper Level 60 update comes into full swing:
    - Make levels 56-60 use the same XP formula as 51-55, it's already bad enough.
    - The enchanting shouldn't be strengthened for 56-60, as this will gimp many people currently.
    - Make tier 3 epics for all weapon and armor classes. Heck, even tier 2 epic machines would be nice too. If not that, then increase the level cap of the epics.
    - Increase the stat increments on most monsters, still in the process of completing but here you go.
    - Decrease (yes, decrease) the training point requirement for levels 51-55 (to lvl3/4, so not a huge drop), and use that formula for levels 56-60 as well. The main point of increasing the training point requirement is to protect the lower levels, but I think it was taken too far especially when this update comes out.
    - I'd like this list of hero balance changes to be considered. Also these.
    Wizard's Chosen Balance Changes, posted on another thread, although slightly edited to accommodate for levels 56-60:
    Before level 30:
    Max stars for each rarity, from Common to Epic: 4,3,2,1,1
    Only one epic and super rare hero maximum.
    Max level gear: Uncommon
    Max skill points to distribute per hero*: 75 * level

    Levels 30-38:
    Max stars: 5,4,3,2,1
    Max level gear: Rare
    Max skill points to distribute per hero*: 100 * level

    Levels 39-44:
    Max stars: 6,5,4,3,2
    Max level gear: Super Rare
    Max skill points to distribute per hero*: 125 * level

    Levels 45-50:
    Max stars: 7,6,5,4,3
    Max level gear: Super Rare
    Max skill points to distribute per hero*: 150 * level

    Levels 51-55:
    Max stars: 7,7,6,5,4
    Max level gear: T1 Epic
    Max skill points to distribute per hero*: 175 * level

    Levels 56-59:
    Max stars: 7,7,7,7,6
    Max level gear: T2 Epic
    Max skill points to distribute per hero*: 200 * level

    Levels 60:
    All heroes are 7*
    Max skill points to distribute per hero*: 250 * level
    I'd like other people's thoughts on this too. Do you think an update like this will ever happen?
    As for me considering the track NK is on currently I am skeptical of this happening, but still have some hope that it will one day. If someone else finds another page like this somewhere (whether it's out or in the wiki) also let me know.
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    His ideas are very good, but I just hope it does not happen, it's the increase in PVP's power of heroes mode "chosen from the Mage", from nvl 45 to nvl 47, my victories decreased 90% due to the absurd increase of In 48, 49 and 50, it was almost ZERO the victories of the PVP of heroes, where ONLY in nvl51, I am gradually coming back to win in this mode, for now a little below what was from nvl 45 to 47, but if they do not have any more "monster boost" power, I can return to having reasonable wins, as I had in the 30th nvl when I started fighting in 3 game mode.


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      I think Wizard's chosen is undertuned in these suggestions. 39-44 rare will make it a walk in the park. The problem with this is that the rest of the game is moving into super rare/epic from levels 40-45. If you hit level 45 without at least a few pieces of good equipment, it's too late to rectify and you are permanently behind. Having a stronger WC with super rare equipment at 39-44 isn't overbearing and serves to communicate to players the potential power of equipment, so they are inclined to consider adjustments before it's too late. Because equipment is visible, I'd prefer higher-tier equipment be prioritized on WC over a higher star rating.

      I also think NK needs to consider the new player experience at some point. The game from level 1 to 55 is 5-8 months long right now, and expanding the top end into a couple more months only caters to those who are already at the top. The experience for those leveling up will actually become even worse, for as long as there's not an infrastructure in place to support raising the ceiling. This is because the current investments are so high, players are dissuaded from spending into anything that's not end-game. Already players ignore half the game while leveling up, including not crafting anything below epic (except for 1-2 super rare items), or participating in tower defense meaningfully until levels 35-40 when their defense will have longevity. Those who progress in the campaign do it only out of ignorance.

      If T3 are introduced and the level cap expanded to 60, this only further incentivizes level 45-50 players to craft fewer T1 items, and potentially ignore T2 items, in favor of T3 items. The result is they will either a) be owned in PvP by residual high levels who already have a headstart on epic crafts, or b) extend that period of gameplay where players are punished for playing the game. Imagine a world where you spend the first 50 levels only crafting 4-5 good items, then hold off until 55-60 to craft anything else. Players will tend to play to avoid losing; it's the devs' job to ensure the way to win is fun.

      As solutions, I think NK should enable either refunds or upgrades to equipment to obtain the next tier items at a reduced cost, at least for super rare/T1. This will allow players to actually engage in the crafting experience of the game. This will also give whales an incentive to actively craft more since others in their environment will have better equipment

      I also think star ratings should be bound to keeper level, with a player being unable to promote to the next star rating without having a certain keeper level. This might seem to hurt whales, but there are ways around this. Find Loot campaign missions should also be based on your keeper level, not which missions you've already completed (meaning they can appear on campaign missions you haven't unlocked yet). This ensures the campaign is relevant and accomplishments there are rewarded.

      There more ideas and nuances to this, but overall, the goal is to create a more sustainable play experience for the long run.

      As for the hero changes, I don't think passive number changes necessarily bring much. I think it'd be more exciting if they tackled one rarity tier at a time, and actually rework some skills in order to enhance identity and make the patch a tighter package. That way, even if the balance changes miss the mark, it will feel like something was accomplished. That said, balance changes do need to be done, and I'll risk passive number changes over nothing.