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This exaggerated force of the Berserker

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  • This exaggerated force of the Berserker

    Eu não sei se estão tendo problemas com ele, mas eu tenho até demais. Nem mesmo o Xamã do oponente consegue matar com 1 HIT apenas o meu Arquimago no seu "ataque Terra". E olha que todo o meu time está usando "armadura Super Raro" (menos o Xamã que está naquela armadura "incomum" mas encantado x5 vezes no nvl.50). Ta bom que ele é do tipo "dano físico" e depedendo da arma e do seu nivel, pode dar um HIT monstro e acabar com um oponente com um "porradão" apenas, mas ele conseguir matar meu Clerigo e o Arquimago com 1 hit apenas e deixar os outros dois com menos da metade dos seus LIFE? Mas não nesse PRINT que por milagre seu ataque em area desta vez tirou um pequeno dano, mas mesmo assim é exagero esse poder todo.

    I do not know if they are having problems with it, but I have up too much. Not even the opponent's Shaman can kill with only 1 HIT my Archmage in his "Earth attack". And it looks like my whole team is wearing "Super Rare Armor" (minus the Shaman who is in that "unusual" armor but delighted x5 times in nvl.50). It is good that he is of the type "physical damage" and depedendo of the weapon and his level, can give a HIT monster and end up with an opponent with a "porradão" only, but he manages to kill my Clerigo and the Archmage with 1 hit only and leave the other two with less than half of their LIFE? But not in this PRINT that by miracle his attack in area this time took a small damage, but even so it is exaggeration that all power.

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    Not even the Archmage, using its multi-damage "cane", can apply as many HITs to the point of lowering my HP, although sometimes it kills with 1 HIT my Archmage only, but needs 2 or 3 more meteor attack, to eliminate them from the front.


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      Those warcry stacks though...

      Try using Cleric + Druid combo on those floors.
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        My current tower attack team:

        Warlock (WOES/Rainment)
        Druid (Abjurer's Staff of Protection/Netherwolf) Blackguard (DD/Dreadplate)
        Cleric (Crystal Hammer/Light Chain)

        When I see a floor like that (or one with a bunch of ice towers) I hit rapid regen as quickly as I can and then start worrying about attacking. Basically start switching between Rapid Regen and Shadowy Censer. Because the shadowy sensor can go through the wall. I'd try to pick off the rest of the attackers and then start after the wall/Beserker. Because if you let the other guys boost up the beserker, you're dead. Similar strategy if it was 4 ice towers instead.

        I wouldn't recommend a Cavalier for tower attacks. His mostly long cooldowns plus his reducing the armor values of your team make him more dangerous to you than to your opponent.

        You might want to try a 3-1 alignment with a tank (Knight/BG/and Monks with the right gear/skill setup). You basically have all offense on your team, without anyone who can really take the brunt of your opponent's attacks (and be the only one who really needs healing).


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          Beauty, then has means to eliminate, the boring Berserker, and the Shaman. Well I have the Druid and the Knight well trained by luck, all it takes is to get stars n.6 for the Shaman and n.7 for my Duida and Knight, so I will return with full force, all that I was taken against these two, who knows against the "Archmage" and the "sorcerer" also, I just do not know if his strategy can stop, the super cure of the "Druid", because my current team can defeat 98% of those who put Duida on the team. But I'll try your strategy. Many thanks for the Crazywhiteman418 tips, now if you want, you can lock this post.


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            Finally I manage to capture, how EXAGGERATED is the strength of this Berserker. All my heroes here wear "Super Rare" armor, plus a slight surge of "defense" from the Knight. Berserker's attack is not a single target, or an online attack, but rather an "area attack," just look at how far back it took (and my Clerigo is the one who most strengthened his defense, otherwise he would take an equal HIT to my Archmage).


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              Use a Spellsword to get rid of the attack buffs, makes those floors really easy.
              Try Cleric, Shaman, Spellsword + Knight (3/1), used this combination in earlier ranks.

              Archmage isn't viable due to it's slow skill cycle, especially without a Rod of Ruin.

              What level are you and what are your other options in terms of heroes and equipment? As it seems like you have leveled faster than your equipment can support. The 50-54 range is full of people who level up slow so you might run into even more problems.

              Right now I'm slow leveling on my lv 54 and I went from 154k/231k to 175k/231k in about 3 weeks and I'm only slowing down more now. Others are doing that for a much longer time.
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