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How do you win keys, to open the Battle Chests?

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  • How do you win keys, to open the Battle Chests?

    Bem, eu estou tendo sorte, e azar ao mesmo tempo. Eu vivo fazendo algumas lutas, contra o "Escolhido do Mago" em três turnos, nessas eu já ganhei dois baús de batalha, sendo um tipo raro. Porém, eu só posso pegar a recompensa se, eu tiver chaves. Mas não sei como pegar, sendo que as unicas chaves que eu conquistei, ser em "desafios semanal" ou nas "catacumba", mas agora não tem nenhum dos dois para poder ter as chaves, para abrir esses Baús.

    Well, I'm having luck, and bad luck at the same time. I live doing some fights, against the "Sorcerer's Choice" in three turns, in these I've already won two battle chests, being a rare type. However, I can only take the reward if I have keys. But I do not know how to take it, the only keys I have conquered, being in "weekly challenges" or in the "catacomb", but now you do not have any of the two to have the keys, to open these Chests.

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    In the other game SAS4, you also have this business of keys, when you pick up the "Black Box", but only need a key, to unlock a box, but in this, depedendo of the prize, it is necessary to have up to 4 keys, in a single box.


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      You get keys from catacombs, guild store, special campaign missions, and other places.

      Yeah, Common Chests use 1 Key, Rare use 2, and Epic use 4 Keys.
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        I got 5 keys from guild store. I haven't had a problem with excess keys after getting those guild store keys recently.

        Also, I remember getting a key from a campaign chest.

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