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Cleric is too much of an appeal.

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  • Cleric is too much of an appeal.

    Title correction: Cleric is too much of an appellation

    Olha, eu notei que, a cada 10 lutas de PVP, 8 usam o Clérico no seu time, sendo ele apenas um "heroi comum". Embora a unica coisa que ele faz é curar e reviver um aliado morto, mas colocam nele aquela armadura, que regenera seu HP, além de sempre ter um heroi que, obriga a atacar ele em vez do seu "alvo", mesmo sendo um "ataque a distância". Assim fica dificil demais, uma luta no PVP contra um jogador real. Embora a sorte, é que no PVP contra o "escolhido do Mago", ele raramente aparece, mas se aparecer, o robô não sabe muito bem usa-lo.

    Look, I've noticed that every 10 PVP fights, 8 use Cleric on their team, being just a "common hero." Although the only thing he does is heal and revive a dead ally, but they put on that armor that regenerates his HP, as well as always having a hero that forces him to attack instead of his "target", even though he is a " remote attack ". So it gets too hard, a fight in PVP against a real player. Although fortunate, is that in PVP against the "Mage's chosen", it rarely appears, but if it appears, the robot does not know very well use it.
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    I also own problems against the "Black Guard" and the "Ninja", but both I have learned to defeat them, just use a hero that weaken the armor and use 2 direct attacks on them with a hero with enough force, eliminating they're fast.


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      I think cleric is is a good healer, but there are better healer like druid. The Soulability of the cleric revive is indeed really strong, especially in player towers or catacombs, but it has very high cost and cooldown. If you have struggle with him in pvp just try Area of Effect attacks, if these are strong the cleric usually can only watch his team dying, including him.
      If you still try to focus on solo range attacks to take out the cleric i suggest to use the spellsword, which can remove taunt. (or just try to make your damage dealer that strong, that you can take out tanks before they can be healed)


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        The Cleric may be good, but other heroes can heal, such as Pirates. The Pirate can heal ALL heroes, which can actually be quite handy. He can also work well in conjunction with another healer.

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          So I should invest in Area of Effect attacks, thanks a lot for the tip. And about the Pirate being the best healer, I think I'll try it, because at least he has good attacks from afar, while Cleric only knows how to heal and revive dead allies.


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            Pirate isn't a healer, it only has a bonus hp buff, like Mystic.

            That a hero is classified as common, doesn't mean it isn't good. The rarity of heroes doesn't say how good they are. The Archmage (epic) is good in the lower-mid levels, but it gets out-classed by the Warlock (uncommon) due to her quicker skill cycle, at around lv 45. At lv 50+ especially, people start using de-buffers alot more often, only a Cleric (common) or Mystic (common) can dispell those.

            A PvP team cannot survive at higher levels without a reviver, which means you either have to use Cleric (common) or Templar (epic), the problem with Templar is that it only revives once, with a max hp of around 35%. Knight is another common hero that gets used alot due to his taunt and soul skill which boosts attack and defence by alot.
            You cannot reliably do PvP with only epic or super rare heroes, you always need your rare, uncommon and common heroes.

            Eventhough higher tier heroes generally have better base stats, an Archmage (epic) for example, has better stats then a Mage (common), at the same lv and stars. But that doesn't mean the Archmage is better, all heroes have their own uses, you just need to find the best one for your situation. That said, Swashbuckler (rare) will always be at the bottom in terms of usefulness.


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              É uma boa explicação. Alias, dos heroi episo eu só ter mesmo o "Archmage", ele é muito melhor do que a "feiticeira" pelo seu forte poder de ataque. Eu também uso junto com "Montador" com o seu Skill "vitória ou morte", mas apenas no ultimo recurso, mais o Xamã pelo seu alto HP e ataque físico. E é claro, um poderoso "Clerico". O maior problema é o Clerico dos outros oponentes, mas quando eu, conseguir upar o meu Ninja, vou substituir o "Xamã" e concentrar todo o ataque neste "Clerico". Quem sabe assim fique um pouco mais fácil, duelar no PVP.

              E bem que poderiam dar um BUFF no, coitado do Templar, se ele so pode reviver o grupo uma unica vez, pelo menos que revive com 75% de vida, já que ele não pode sequer curar a si mesmo.

              That's a good explanation. Alias, of the heroes I only have to have the "Archmage", he is much better than the "witch" because of his strong attack power. I also use along with "Assembler" with his "victory or death" Skill, but only in the last resort plus the Shaman for his high HP and physical attack. And of course, a powerful "Cleric". The biggest problem is the Cleric of the other opponents, but when I can get my Ninja, I will replace the "Shaman" and concentrate all the attack on this "Cleric". Maybe that's a little easier, duel in PVP.

              And they might as well give a BUFF in the poor, the Templar, if he can only revive the group once, at least that revives with 75% of life, since he can not even heal himself.