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  • beating bosses

    this is for new players that happen to visit this forum... unlikely but hopefully. when a map boss appears and after you kill off the hoard, most maps have a blown up car that is key to defeating Devestaors and Necro bosses. you can get them to follow you to one side while you quickly run around to the other side. this will make the boss run in place against the obstacle allowing you to shoot away and dispatch the boos easily. this is especially important in Nightmare matches or for lower level players and when you get disconnected or are left to fend for yourself.

    i don't know how many times i've been stuck with a noob that hasn't figured this out

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    Tip #2 😉 We have satellites watching armed with my black shockfield 😀 For any one daring to leave / disconnect once game loading starts !!! And they will shoot you 😉👌 if not my little sister is on stand by 👍😀