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  • Odd NM match

    so i played a NM match last night with my lvl 100 medic with two other lvl 100 and a lvl 38 (poor guy). the map was Last Stand and things are going along... the first boss comes and is a Sav Dev which we had no problem dispatching (except for the lvl 38 who died several times)... the rest of the map goes fine... then the ship arrives. three of us poised for the onslaught and we're waiting and waiting and waiting. no horde.... no boss. expecting to be disconnected at any moment i cruise the map and others do too. nothing... the banner appears say well done and all that and the game ends, mission accomplished. i thought oh well, at least it wasn't defeat and started selling off the goods from the 11 strongboxes.... wait, 11??!?! i had 4 when the game ended. somehow i got another 7 and didn't even know it from a boss i didn't even see. i cant complain at all since the nano contained a core (the second one in a week with that character!).

    i've had a similar ending with my assault but never such a great reward

    anyone else had this type of thing happen?

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    congrats on the 2 cores

    crazy stuff happening all time in this game lol. errrm with my online character i won 3 cores from 5 NM tickets in 1 day. as can expect i was well chuffed !

    best thing tho, is just last week each time i logged in, i got a msg saying i have unclaimed items, choose who to give it to!!! so i chose not really reading it, and i got a black KEY!!! the next time i logged in it did it again lol, n again... so i reported it same day incase they planning on charging me etc, & because im honest. but the emailing each other and both us investigating (aswell as playing the game ere n there) i ended up with aprox 25 Keys lol, my lvl100 has 16 @ the mo
    ....sam from NK also gave me 10black box's for letting them know and i kept keys too

    AWESOME or what !!!