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  • Level up "rewards"

    having played this game for a while now and probably sent someone on vacation with my purchases , i have to wonder who came up with the "reward" system for leveling up... the loot system is wacky as it is but the reward for leveling up is crazy. i can understand getting lower grade boxes for lower levels but, when a player gets into the upper levels, the reward should match the level... especially once the character hits 75 or whatever level when it takes a million to level up... and getting to level 100, the reward should be a black box since that character is maxed out.

    maybe it comes down to NK rewarding the players that support them... they know who we are

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    I think +100 hp per level-up is pretty good. Well the level up reward system has been the same since the beginning of time. Even if the level-up boxes were changed like you said they wouldn't be all that useful compared to what you get in nightmare. Plus players who are already high level will feel kinda cheated.


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        But itz okay if we dont get more powerful than we can get in this game


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          I saw people that plays like hackers so its ok right there!.. But i think they must upgrade the boxes they gives to you around u get more higher level