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  • the best Apoc match

    so i played a match early Saturday morning in the Apoc event. full lobby of my 76 Assault, a 90 something, and 2 other lower levels. i expected the higher level to be disconnected at some point and i would carry the lower levels to around the mid 20's level. much to my surprise, the higher level stayed and didnt disconnect. at level 25, we were going strong and lost one of the lower levels leaving the three of us to fend for ourselves. level 30 came and went... then 40... then 50... then 60! well over an hour and my thumbs were feeling it big time. the higher level player wasn't a hacker, i always check their stats, but the character was super powerful. the lower level and myself stayed busy wiping out the hoard while the higher level took care of the bosses and did so easily. the Sav Necro Elite are tough! at level 62 the higher level said thanks and disconnected an hour and twenety minutes into the match. of course we didnt last long with out him but hey, my thumbs were thankful LOL. 1.2 mil in XP which took me up a level and 39 strong boxes, of course no Black Boxes lol and 24,000 kills. best match ever!

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    39 strongboxes? Sounds like a hack to me...
    Originally posted by Trump Monkey
    Look at what you've done NK! You may say that Flash is dying, but I assure you that it won't actually die. You're just cutting slack on these games, and I seek the need to change that.


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      I don't think so. During APOCALYPSE matches I'm in that go 25 rounds average, I'll get around 8 - 12 boxes usually.


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        not everything is a HACK. i get to around round 28 alot with 20+ box's !!! no Hack insight.