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  • Some recommendations for the game

    1) Get us on par with the web-browser based version of the game. Crafting, skill modifications, patch versions, etc. The active community is small enough, no reason to create divisions within the ranks. I have questions about this game, but there's maybe 3 people who check this forum on at least a weekly basis. That is not enough to keep me invested in attempting to foment discussion.

    A great game is enough to get my interest. An active, involved, and helpful community is what will keep it. Money goes were my eyes linger.

    2) Post the game mechanics. I have reviewed the patch notes available from launch to present. The information is insufficient. I do not have the time to individually play test every one of the theories I have for how the game applies the numbers. I am very interested in understanding how the variables are applied in game. It is a another way I derive amusement from the game.

    3) Even if it takes longer, quick matches should be filled by level brackets, if not also by gear brackets. Especially for live events and missions. My level 65 heavy with a $40 premium gun should be competing against L60-70 or L50-75 premium gun users. Putting me in a last stand match against a bunch of L30's is disheartening for them. I know cause I was there once. My low level assault shouldn't be allowed to coast on the coattails of a high level either. If a four man group of L25's can only last 4 minutes in an apocalypse mode game, that's where they should place. We should not be AFKing while the sole high level player basically solo's the entire match.

    4) On that note, Last Stand matches need to be scaled to the highest level and escalate far faster. I do not want to screw around for 10 minutes, waiting for the bosses to show up. If it's me and 3 L100's, bosses should be spawning immediately, the action should be hard and heavy from start to finish. Don't make me wait a quarter of an hour for the -real- game to start. I don't need an appetizer, I came for a challenge and that challenge needs to be worthy.

    Additionally, a guy who can last 10 minutes in an encounter scaled for his gear and level gets the same number of points no matter his level. But we can all probably agree, with some exceptions, that it is far easier for a high level to last 10 minutes than a lower level character. Competition rankings should be based on skill, not how much free time you have to grind a character's XP. But the way it is now, it is weighted towards high level characters. We should give competent players a chance of moving up the ranks on their own merit, no matter which character they're using.

    5) Collections are kinda asinine. I had to roll up a separate character solely for the purpose of finishing out collections. I win a competition, select him as the character to receive the boxes and cash, and roll the dice to see if he gets the one L5 drop SMG that I'm missing. This is a horrible system, but the only way I can get my guns and armor flushed out. Can we fix this? Maybe add missing items to the loot table for the character or profile in question? I wouldn't mind my L65 character getting that L5 SMG just so I can finish the collection. I basically just scrap everything anyways these days.

    6) Masteries and skills should specify how the bonuses are applied. Does my 8% movement bonus for Rocket Launcher L3 apply even if I'm not using or equipping a rocket launcher? Does my 10% backpedal speed boost from the pistol make me faster when backpedaling with an SMG? Why does my +2 pierce for rockets L4 boost my rocket pierce, but not my other weapons? Yet the 8% speed boost seems "on" all the time. How come my overclocked and deadly torment takes 5 hits to kill a white maggot from a brute, when I know it only takes one? Shouldn't the other ones pass through even though it hasn't de-rezzed yet? If the base item gives a -5% reload in the collection description, how come that doesn't appear when I check it on my character with 25 points in Heavy Gear? Does the 90% damage reduction from Die Another Day apply after or before armor reductions and toughness?

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    I see the point of #4. i didnt notice it with my L100 medic but, since i've started an assault character that is now at L64 the mismatch of levels of players is very evident in all game modes.


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      Uh, I'm old. What's MOBA?


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        Originally posted by paladin sponge View Post
        Uh, I'm old. What's MOBA?
        MOBA- Multiplayer online battle arena.
        The way I am, I am.


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          Also, can this game add in a trade in system for weapons and armor, I myself have tons of spare black armor that I never use and VERY RARELY get good weapons that I actually use out of boxes, I would like to trade around with friends as some have weapons I use that they never use and just hold on to in hope of a trade in system being added so they can trade for my armor with those weapons


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            With a trade system get the weapons would become too easy


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              bahahahahahahaha I can't take mobile seriously, even after playing it for a full year, getting to level 86, and just getting bored, my advice is just to uninstall, it's what I did.
              Wouldn't going with the flow be bliss, but in time, what becomes of such a life?


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                "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."


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                  Can I add that they should bring back the old SAS style and have a mode that is like nazi zombies, where you open doors for money and guns for money and survive as long as possible.


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                    A lot of suggestions for a dead game