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SAS4 Mobile - Hacker/Cheater Report [And NO Discussion]

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  • SAS4 Mobile - Hacker/Cheater Report [And NO Discussion]

    If you find someone cheating and/or hacking, use this thread to report the person.When reporting someone, include:
    1. The offender's username.
    2. Your username.
    3. What they were doing. In order to punish the offender, you must post tangible evidence. Include video, pictures, or anything evidence that shows them offending the user in general. Self-admissions are not enough proof. Although if you try this without proof, you will get punished for wasting our time.

    Do NOT discuss bans or hackers here. Just post your report, and then leave.

    False hacking accusations and/or doctored evidence are taken seriously. Discussing hackers/cheaters and bans will also be met with disciplinary action.

    Thank you.
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    My username is my forum's username.
    His username is goldworm1.


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        How can I report Hackers on Mobile? I am new on SAS 4, please guide.


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            My username is my forum's username.
            His username in picture
            hack black box ( 33 mp games - 8 black box )


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     WELL AS U CAN SEE HERE I HAVE LIKE 7 PHOTOS, 3 FROM 3 users that are level: 100 with not playing any game yet, so obviusly is a hacker.... and like 4 photo, From a user, that In a Facebook group he was talking about that he hates hackers... but he posted a photo about his 4 accounts... and i asked him if he is hacker? and he told me in private message in facebook that yeah, he is, so its ur option what to do with him. hope u clean this game from inlegal users.


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                Just need to add some praise to the guy mentioned above in SageArcon's post....

                U MUST BE MOST AWESOMER HACKER EVA!!! to be able to hack and have no regard for anonyminity. WELL hats off to that fellow.

                on a BUG note: Mobile / IOS version of sas4 always lagging (i only do multiplayer NM/ events) and disconnecting. as you probably already know, but hey. cheers.

                mancman3 and only 3 never 12456789101112...and so on


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                  my username is destroymac. the cheaters username is "daniel Amador" im prety shure he is hacking he got 5 bosses attack him and throw firebals but he didint lost even a single hp i watched him for 3-4 mins to be sure and he didnt lost any hp still he is not like a lv 100 to he was 35(im not shure of the number) and i think he was using medusa armor plus it was a last men standing and i was ded for 3-4 mins and game wasnt ending i have some screen shots but i dont know how to attrach them so if you want them please help me


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                    1st time I'm going to report a hacker on mobile:

           he's also plays on sas4 web, he just invited me to play in mobile... He thinks that I'm not gonna report him just because we're in good terms.


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                      Hacker: Player7869066
                      My Username: Gammer001
                      What Do: He's using a Kelvin even though he's only level 35.


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                        definately hacks