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SAS4 - Bug Report Thread

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  • SAS4 - Bug Report Thread

    Because SAS: Zombie Assault 4 has only just been made accessible to the general public there are a lot of things that are broken. Some of these things we don't know about, some of these things we do know about. Things change on a day to day basis internally.

    For now, the best way to submit bug reports is to send them to [email protected]

    [Bug Reporting Format]
    Include the following when applicable:
    1. Your level, class and the mission you were playing?
    2. Multiplayer or Single player?
    3. How many other players? (If you were playing multiplayer)
    4. How long you had been playing since loading the game?
    5. What you saw exactly. Include the moment something broke, odd things leading up to it?
    6. Any other important detail?
    7. Your account name (but do NOT give out your password to anyone publicly)

    Please report any bugs you find!

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    I sent this to [email protected] but posting it here too so that others can see it:
    (Android Version)

    1. Your level, class and the mission you were playing?
    Level 45, Heavy, mission is not relevant
    2. Multiplayer or Single player?

    Not relevant
    3. How many other players?

    Not relevant
    4. How long you had been playing since loading the game?

    Not relevant
    5. What you saw exactly. Include the moment something broke, odd things leading up to it?

    I have received 10 out of 10 Red LMG Collection. I received the Promethium strongbox reward, however the +5% capacity collection reward is not working. I have multiple LMGs, multiple characters, I've rebooted my device, and the capacity collection reward is simply not working.
    6. Any other important detail?

    I have also completed the Standard LMG Collection and I can confirm that the "reduced 5% movement penalty" collection reward is working properly.
    7. Your account name


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      Sorry! If you could email with your user ID then we'll have a look into your save file


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        #1. Your level, class and the mission you were playing?
        18/19 Medic Meltdown

        #2. Multiplayer or Single player?
        Single player
        ^ 2.1 How many other players?

        #3. How long you had been playing since loading the game?

        #4. What you saw exactly. Include the moment something broke, odd things leading up to it?
        Bloater rampage count stuck at 1 , It counted only 1 when i killed 7 and the game after that i also survived i killed 19... none of them got counten in

        #5. Any other important detail?
        Fix this... i need my plat/dia reward :c the game and its community is allrdy tedious and obnoxious enough to deal with, no need for groundbreaking bugs


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          Level: 55 (if I recall), Heavy, no mission
          #2: Neither. And no other players.
          #3: Can't fully recall, but probably 6 months
          #4: Game does NOT load as it claims I need to relogin.
          #5: This is a serious problem, I am using chrome. I'm not sure if it is anything to do with the browser I'm using.
          Calm down. You don't know what I've been through.
          คɭɭ Շђєรє Շ๏ץร ץєՇ ภ๏Շ ๓ยςђ Շเ๓є,
          ๒єŦ๏гє เ Շคкє ץ๏ยг ร๏ยɭ Շ๏ภเﻮђՇ,
          קเєςє ๒ץ קเєςє เ ๒ยเɭ๔ ץ๏ยг Ŧєคгร,
          ฬђคՇ ςคภ ฬє ยรє Շ๏ єภ๔ Շђเร гเﻮђՇ.
          คɭɭ Շђєรє שєภՇร คภ๔ คɭɭ Շђєรє г๏๏๓ร,
          ภ๏ ςค๓єгค кєєקร ץ๏ย Ŧг๏๓ ץ๏ยг ๔๏๏๓,
          ςยร ภ๏Շђเภﻮ รՇ๏קקє๔ ๓є Ŧг๏๓ Շђє קครՇ ՇђคՇ'ร г๏ՇՇเภﻮ,
          เ'๓ รՇเɭɭ ђєгє.


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            1)does not matter
            2)private mutiplayer
            3)any amount of player
            4)Less than 5 hours

            6) no
            7) UserID:ZPPCCXPEW

            edit:this is still happening whenever I play this map
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              Support takes a long to to respond, so I'll post all of mine here:
              1. Level 52 Heavy, Zombie Pods (NM)
              2. Multiplayer
              3. 3 others
              4. about 5 minutes
              5. Now that you mention it... There was this level 100 assault that still had the beginners pistol, with 1 multiplayer game and so few 465/10 kills/deaths. I took a screenshot, thinking he was a hacker: Also, I got more kills than the other 3 all combined as a level 52, the level 100 got 730 so that was also kinda odd. He only had premium weapons, along with the beginners pistol.
              I don't know how to upload photos, so I sent a pic to support with my spam email: [email protected]

              7. ILikeBLACK (I often change my name).
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                No idea if it's me, my tablet, or the game. (Mobile Version)
                1) Lvl 63, Medic, Any Mission
                2) Multiplayer, usually events
                3) Any amount
                4) Any amount of time, from startup to several hours later
                5) During the event, regardless of what it is, whenever there are a lot of zombies and my device lags, my character often slows down to an absolute crawl. I can't run away from anything, When there isn't any lag it's fine, but it's sporadic. Sometimes my character moves fine with the lag, stays as fast as he should be, but often he slows right down and I end up getting swarmed.
                6) My movement mod is +57.25% and it occurs with any weapon, including my Red Mixy and My Poison Claw Pistol, which has a +2% movement mod with the mastery level.
                7) Account name on mobile: OpticalXenon


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                  1. Most recently level 91.
                  2. Multiplayer. Happened on all 3 events and one nightmare match.
                  3. 2-4 other players
                  4. Not sure how long since I loaded the game.
                  5. Five times now on Steam, I've had a situation where I and usually at least one other player became invulnerable during a multiplayer match. When we started the match, some of the player sprites started flickering and just stood still at the start of the game. The last time this happened, the two players involved had doppelganger sprites that were active on the map.
                  6. In at least three of the five matches with the glitch, some players were vulnerable. Three times, I quit shortly after noticing I was invulnerable. The second last match this happened, I kept playing a bit to see what would happen. It was on Virus Samples. The Wickers I was facing seemed to take less damage than normal, and they didn't consistently drop their virus samples after dying. When I quit the match, I didn't get many event points. I was playing on my home Wifi. However, the last time this happened on Nightmare, I'm pretty sure I was the only player invulnerable. We did complete the mission and we got our normal rewards.
                  7. bill smith

                  Side note: I'm pretty sure that the first time I saw this in one Last Man Standing match, a couple players died, and it was just me and one other guy left. I thought this was someone hacking at first, but this does correspond to a bug reported on the Wiki (see Ghost Bug). Not that they're going to fix this, but I'm posting for others' info.
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