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No Further Updates for SAS4

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  • No Further Updates for SAS4

    Just to help out other people like me who keep waiting for updates, THERE WILL BE NONE!
    "Are you going to update SAS4 web or mobile?
    There are no plans for further updates to SAS4."

    I highly recommend that if you're one of those people who are starting to get invested into this game, if you don't love this game as it is, quit. This game was fun and all, but around level 40-60 you will find this game lacking. I was really looking forward to seeing the crafting system, championships, chat, and daily 2x EXP rewards implemented into mobile.

    If you do love this game as it is, keep playing the game. Just know that there will not be any more updates.

    I guess this post is just me moaning about how great this game could've been, and how all the potential was thrown away. Anyway,

    R.I.P. SAS4.

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    I hope they're making a damn sas 5. They've finished developing BSM2, so Ninjakiwi should make the next game. I hope it's better when it arrives...


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      SAS5 won't happen for a while.


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        Originally posted by Daedrametuer View Post
        I hope they're making a damn sas 5. They've finished developing BSM2, so Ninjakiwi should make the next game. I hope it's better when it arrives...
        Don't expect much from NK.

        Nevertheless, I still remember when SAS4 was much better (before April 30, 2015).

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          It's a real shame, actually... Maybe if it gets some recognition by youtubers, it would be updated. You think we could pull it off? I use Tutu fix's everycorder to record on my ios device without jailbreaking it. I also heard that ios 11 will have a screen recorder as well...
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            Sadly, that will have no affect, as NK is using most of its resources on Bloons TD 6 at the moment. [This thread has served its purpose, requesting a Lock]
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              Just add more premium guns and some minor patches (jkjk pls no)..


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                When I heard, I was shocked especially since my mobile device basically took the place of a game console for me, I had no problem "donating" by purchasing packages occasionally (to any game that I think is worth it) and over the past few years I guess I've dropped a few hundred bucks. I've looked at NK other games and them seem toyish, which I don't really get into so I don't play them. I still play mobile SAS4 but, after seeing the post, I stopped donating. If they update or release a new version, I would once again contribute. The only way to get a developer to pay attention is for them to make money or not make money. So enjoy it while the servers last... I have to wonder if there will be no updates and the server fails, if it will get replaced or if they will replace it just to get suckers to buy into their weekend deals even though it's a dead game?