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  • Private Battle Request Thread

    Now that BTDBM has a private battle system similar to Flash, I think it's a good idea to have a thread for requesting private battles. Mods, please make this a sticky.
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    I really wish there was some sort of ladder or ranking system.


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      If you want to battle me, then tell me via PM. Here is what you need to do to play with me. I'm not available 11:45PM - 8:00AM US time (On weekends) or 11:45PM - 4:00PM (On the weekdays) (I live near Georgia, but not there)


      Club Access ($4.99)

      Notes to battle me

      Normal or Cards
      Club or Assault
      What Club (Max: 1. I choose the seconds, and the other is any of the other clubs (I usually choose Random Trio)
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        Anyone want to be my FC ZOMG test subjects? I'll let you use me as a test subject for a rush.


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          Do you care what tower loadout I use? I was just getting on here because I need to practice against players who can reach that point against me. Not sure if I need to yolo out or transition better.
          (But still need to play like we want to end the game before FC ZOMG in the first place)


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            Oofrome as long as it is a loadout that can defend all the natural bloons from round 1 to 24, then it is fine, but I would like a tower load out with good ZOMG popping power, you also need to be able to defend pinks, blacks, leads, camo leads, and that stuff.


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              PM me with what time your available!!

              remember I'm in New Zealand........

              im not a noob BTW.

              i got some skill (I'm a world domination member)
              I have 16,000,000 medallions in btd battles