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    One more perk - if any week you cannot make the required number of keys - just talk to me! For instance, I've known the Officer in my clan for years and he'll stay here even if he doesn't earn any keys because, well, he talks to me daily...

    Btw, I'm going to increase the required number of keys this week. I really need to filter out the weak players from my clan...
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      Lemmings493 looking for new members!


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        guys i have a problem, i cannot join any clan or make any clan.
        when i try to join i see this message ( error occurred, please wait before applying or attempting to join another clan. please try again later. ) !!!!
        i do not have any clan this is first time

        help me


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          i finally saved up enough to create my own clan thats called trapgames now it would be fun if i also have members in it so join if you like, u don't have to grind a certain amount of keys all i'm asking is to be active by playing games and just have fun!!


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            This isn't my own clan, but it's called "doin work bit" and then some symbols. You'll need 1 key to stay, and the leader is longhorndmt (and I am cantbebeat525).


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              Everybody may join my clan Yanze

              No minimum keys per week, just play that game!