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Top 5 Most Overrated Towers

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  • Pirat
    apprentice 2|2 (strong) and Ninja x|1 is a good start

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  • The Mochinator
    started a topic Top 5 Most Overrated Towers

    Top 5 Most Overrated Towers

    The experts will probably know everything in the post by heart, but for the newer players this may be helpful. The following 5 towers are the ones with the most direct rate of popularity to near uselessness.

    5. Super Monkey

    The super monkey is a good tower in late game. However, early and mid-game is where it falls short. The unupgraded 0/0 super monkey, for instance, can't even pop grouped blue sends. That's pretty sad for a $3500 tower. It only starts to get remotely useful when you get the the robo plasma or sun god upgrades, and those are way too expensive to be of practical use in mid-game or even late-ish game (rounds 20-24). Late game is where super monkey shines, although personally, I dislike using temples. I consider using bloonchippers or even spike factories to be a better late game avenue than temples with only blade sacrifices. But hey, if a super monkey shows up as my reroll I won't complain.

    4. Engineer

    The engineer is a well-liked tower by many newer players for its usefulness in early game. 1/0 and 2/0 engineers will stop a lot of bloons, if not all of them, up to round 8. But around that point, the engineer crashes. First of all, relying on cleansing foam for leads and camos is a terrible idea, as the cleansing foam becomes overwhelmed easily by normal bloons. Second of all, the bloon trap upgrade is not as good as you might think. Sure, it destroys bloon sends and gives you money from that, but the problem is that the trap doesn't keep up. What almost always happens is that the bloon trap will catch half the regrow zebras, and the other half will plow through. Come late game, the engineer's only semblance of use is the Overclock ability, and even then, stalling towers like the chipper or ninja work better.

    3. Sub

    This tower is more of a fine line than the others, because the sub is more than adequate in early and mid-game. The 0/2 upgrade for the sub just about parallels two 0/3 dart monkeys in cost and effectiveness. The most overrated upgrade of this tower is actually the reactor. No, you did not misread that. The reactor. Why, you ask? Very many Battles players will rely solely on a reactor sub to pop grouped regrows. This simply does not work. In every map except Battle Park and Bloon Circles (maybe Concrete Alley), regrow zebras and rainbows will overwhelm a reactor, leaving tightly grouped regrow yellows and pinks that not even a bunch of dart monkeys will be able to defend. An overrated bloon popping tower, to say the least. First Strike is likewise overrated, as it really doesn't do much damage compared to something like the spike factory come late game.

    2. Ninja

    Now, don't get me wrong. When used correctly, ninja is an amazing tower. Left-tiered ninjas work wonders against spaced ceramics and MOABs, and of course, who could forget about Sabotage? The problem is, people don't use it correctly. Many noobs rely solely on left-sided ninjas to pop regrow zebras and rainbows. Well, guess doesn't work. To be honest, I'd think a few flash bomb ninjas would be more effective against regrows than bloonjitsus. And don't even start with me about the people who use a ninja as their very first tower--grouped reds, blues, and greens. Need I say more?

    1. Apprentice

    You all saw this one coming. The apprentice is easily the most overrated tower in the whole game--perhaps even the whole franchise post-BTD5. Honestly, I laugh out loud when I see someone try to defend my regrow rushes with a dragon's breath wizard or--even worse--a tornado wizard. Tornado wizards literally make regrow rushes MORE POWERFUL. If you don't believe me, look up "regrow farming" on YouTube and watch the first few videos. The best upgrade for wizard is probably lightning, and even then you need at least 8 to consistently defend against regrow zebras.

    Top 5 underrated towers coming soon!