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Top 5 Most Overrated Towers

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    Wizard Ninja combo overrated
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      Top 5 most overrated upgrades:
      1) maelstrom. can't see camo bloons and pop leads. camo mettle and ur dead
      2) smfc. turns your dart monkey into a super monkey for a short period of time. lol! who needs one super monkey for 8k while you can buy one for 3.5k permanently!
      3) absolute zero. zebra and white bloons are immune, as well as moabs. if you want a stall tower, your much better off using mortar stall.
      4) banana factory. pretty obvious that its better to get 25 bananas from the republic than 10 creates from the factory. as the operation dart storm says: the more, the better!
      5) sabotage supply lines. as the description says: slows down bloons by half. when i activate the ability, I dont see it being activated. it simply doesnt work. the absolute zero plays effect but sabotage doesnt?! also bloons start moving super duper fast after 15 seconds.

      who agrees?


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        Are you trolling? I'm afraid I can't quite tell.
        Just a potato living in a carrot's world.


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          i disagree the most overated tower is the heli pilot it dosent pop the op camo regrow reds
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            Absolutely not. A ninja wizard strat is setting you up for failure on round 13. 0/3 dart monkeys, and later on, 4/0 dart monkeys, are tremendously more effective.