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  • Lag discrepancies are annoying and happen *way* too often, but they've been going on for so long I doubt a tiny post will change anything.

    Anyway, there's another bug.
    Date: Recently

    Bug: Technological Terror / First Strike Capability / M.O.A.B. Assassin not destroying blimps
    Bug Report: Sometimes, when I use the abilities mentioned above, they do absolutely nothing. Say there's a ZOMG on r44; I use First Strike Capability, my ability's on cooldown, yet it's not even hurt. Normally the ZOMG would be gone at this point, nuked into nothing, but sometimes it's not even affected. Same goes for Tech Terror + Assassin; I can use 20 of them in a row and nothing even changes.

    How to Replicate: This seems to happen when I'm lagging hard (NOT due to wifi but rather due to system resources being hogged, i.e. when my phone's framerate is in the single digits). This is when I have to mash the ability button so it'll register. Most other abilities work fine (e.g. Boomerang ability makes it go fast, Mortar ability stops + nukes everything), but with the abilities I mentioned, they seem to miss their target.

    I've only tested this with blimps, since I usually only lag when there's a million blimps flying around.


    • Date: Ongoing
      Bug: Can't purchase new powers

      Bug report: Every time I try and purchase a power, it says "Sorry, this feature is currently unavailable." My friend who is new to the game can get them just fine though. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still wouldn't let me. I have more than enough exp, and I would like to be able to try out new ones. Anyone know what's happening?

      How to replicate: For me, just try and get a new power, but for others that I see it works fine.


      • Date: Ongoing
        Bug: Can't view replays for followed players

        Bug report: I follow certain players, especially if they give me a good game. The problem is, once I've followed them, I am unable to view their replays in BattleTV. This has actually been a problem for a few months now. I can however search for them by name and locate the replays.

        How to replicate: Play a game. Select follow once you've won. Go to Battle TV and select the "followed" radio button. Nothing comes up.


        • Date:July 12 2019 8:15

          bug: when you use monkey steal it crashes

          bug report: for btd battles cards match, tournament or a regular game if you use the kidnap card the entire game crashes. I reviewed the tournament game and it made us both have a simultaneous defeat.

          How to replicate: In cards any match just use the kidnap card

          i Tried adding a screen recording but it’s not letting me attach it. It’s only 7 seconds though
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          • Date: past few days since getting power lock, last happened yesterday.
            Bug: opponents can place/use lightning bolt during the time I've power locked them.
            Bug Report: I rush and hit power lock, then while their screen is blued for powerlock they put down working lightning bolts, then laugh/smile emoji.
            How to rep: maybe they have the bolt on hover over the board when I send powerlock and can still drop it that way after powerlock hits, so they play with bolt hovering a lot, or something. It happens at 1:00 in this replay: and at 1:08 in this one:
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            • Date: Aug. 1, 2019
              Bug: Replay-Disconnect Bug
              Bug Report: If one player disconnects and reconnects from the game, the replay of said game is bugged from that point until one player wins. Here's the match replay where the bug occurs. It occurs at 6:48 on round 22, bug ends when "Player" loses, however the round nor the timer doesn't update. After the other player disconnects, bloons don't travel along the map, but eco/money still update, sent bloons still appear, as well as towers are still being placed. My gatling guns still follow my finger in the replay, oddly enough.
              How to Replicate: I'm not entirely sure how to replicate it, my best guess is to have one person disconnect and reconnect to the match, then review the replay of that match.
              P.S. I hope this wasn't too confusing. I don't know if this bug appears on other platforms of BTD Battles, but it sure does appear on mobile. The replay-disconnect bug appeared each of the 3 times I looked over the replay, so if it doesn't appear for anyone else, idk what caused it.


              • Date: Today (8/8/2019 and for the last few weeks)
                Bug: Lose health without bloons getting through
                Bug Report: There is a bug where I will start losing 2 health every ~10 seconds or so after an initial bloon gets through
                How to Replicate: From what I can tell this happens after a bloon gets through, I want to say if one camo bloon gets through it will start the effect


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                  Cobra? Attrition takes 2 lives.

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                  maybe ur opponent hide the cobra

              • yo guys, why i didnt get any power xp after finishing a match on ceramic crucible boost only?


                • Date: Ongoing

                  Bug: Replay/live stops playing when one person disconnects

                  Bug Report: When watching a replay or live in Battles TV, it will stop playing when one person in the match disconnects. The side of the person who disconnected will show "connection broken" but will never resume even after a few minutes.

                  How to Replicate: Watch a Battles TV live/replay where someone disconnects.
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