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Bloons TD Battles Update 6.7 - Patch Notes

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    Engineer is still the same problem, please nerf accordingly.


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      I agree with NK's decision to nerf game-changing sabotage powers. The free powerups games are now mini-bananza games again, but that's primarily because of eco powers giving lots of money (especially Super Eco Boost in this patch) and track powers being a great temporary defense. The solution here would be not to make sabotage powers BROKEN, but to make track and eco powers LESS IMPACTFUL on the game. Quick Shot also deserves some sort of a speed nerf, considering it is unfairly good against Bloontonium Reactor and that it makes Team Tower Stun often game-changing (not to mention newbies will never ever defend these, seriously).

      Free Powerups would be really good if powers were about as impactful as Boosts Only powers. That means track powers would be about as good as red hot spikes, sabo powers would not be so game-changing and eco powers would not give enough money to discourage track/bloon/sabo powers from being used. Tower and bloon powers are not that bad honestly, though still need some tweaking.

      When tower boost, bloon boost and red hot spikes were first implemented, they only were supposed to help out a bit. After Tier 1-4 powers were implemented, there were now plenty of things that made such a big difference in a match that Tier 0 powers could not really compete against higher tier powers.
      For example, lightning bolts, monkey glue/acid, spike storm etc. entirely outclassed road spikes in almost every way.


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        • We need a clan role to highlight players for their efforts but it must NOT give them the ability to kick players.
        • Tack x.3 should get nerfed, it can solo way too much
        • Tack x.4 shoudl get nerfed, it is too strong
        • Boomer shouldn't hit iron bloons
        • Glue is too OP now
        • Dartling is broken, bloons leak even if there are spikes on the end of the track
        • Engineer is broken, bloons leak but zero lives are lost


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          6.7.1 is out, and glue is fixed for the most part
          Originally posted by Trump Monkey
          Look at what you've done NK! You may say that Flash is dying, but I assure you that it won't actually die. You're just cutting slack on these games, and I seek the need to change that.


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            I like RealzKage's idea (from a different forum) for clan mail ๐Ÿ‘

            I agree with RoelJanssens & his suggestion in this forum to create a promotional role for clan members without giving them the ability to kick. Or perhaps giving an option to allow/deny specific officers the power to kick would be even better! Even better than those ideas is allowing us to create custom names for a specific number of officers & the choice as to what admin authority they get!

            I'm here for similar reasons. I would like to suggest changing the Leader role to Founder (or creator, owner, etc.) & the Co-Leader role to Leader (or Captain, etc.). My Co-Leader is more active than I am & I believe he deserves the role of Captain/Leader where as I often delegate to my officers & would rather have the role of Founder or Owner. However, the above suggestion of allowing custom names would solve this too! At the very least, the option for the current Leader to custom change his role name would be nice

            All these nerf/buff changes have my head spinning I've gotten to the point where I only enjoy a few games in Cards now. I know it's not as popular as the typical assault arenas but I'd really like to see more added to it. If NK ever comes out with a game solely dedicated to Cards that will totally be my jam! ๐Ÿ˜ In the meantime, it would be nice to have at least one Random Cards arena at all times to give noobs a fighting chance to earn more medallions & potentially enjoy playing in cards mode more often.

            I also enjoy the laid back Defense game from time to time though Cobra Monkey has made it a game changer However, I can always revert back to Monkey City when I'm in the mood (would be nice to see a second new map added to the Windows app btw (hint, hint) I seem to recall the flash version having a second map ๐Ÿค”


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              Also refer to #MakeDefenseModeGreatAgain


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                Balance Changes ---- My 2ยข worth.

                Copy Eco - Reduced to 2 uses. Reduced from $700 to $600 ---- So all the crying eco/rush/grinders finally got their wish! I don't like this change but hey it is what it is.
                Super Eco Boost - Improved to 3 uses ---- Seriously? Wow the noobs just keeping get more screwed! lol
                Eco Choke - Reduced to 2 uses ---- I actually agree with this one! Eco Choke was a bit op when used early & effectively with the right strategy.
                Eco Nerf - Reduce duration to 12s ---- I have no opinion on this change. The few times Eco Nerf was used against me it seemed to make no difference.
                Power Lock - Reduced to 2 uses ---- I have mixed feelings on this one. I know everyone else hates sabotage powers but really those are the most fun to use! Without them might as well just play classic mode without using powers. Knockout & Team Stun have been nerfed to death already. lol
                Tower Blindness - Reduced duration to 12s ---- (see above comment)
                Super Bloon Boost - Speed buff reduced to 50% from 60% ---- Not sure how much of a difference this will be but I don't disagree with the nerf.
                Price Gouge - Duration reduced from 20s to 15s ---- I have no opinion on this change. The few times Price Gouge was used against me it seemed to make no difference.
                Engineer - Bloon Trap reduced $2 RBE to $1.8 RBE, $1 for bloon trap capture. $0.8 for manual collection (instead of $1) ---- I have been against the Engineer nerfs from the very beginning. So yet again all the crying eco/rush/grinders got another wish! I don't like this change but hey it is what it is. Soon the Engineer will be as useless as the Glue Gunner used to be (if it's not already).
                Team Tower Stun - Allow stunned towers to be sold (similar to Knock Out) ---- This nerf is what made Knock Out almost COMPLETELY USELESS in Assault!
                Glue Gunner - Fixed an issue where the Glue Gunner was slowing down MOABs by 50% instead of the 33% that was intended. It now correctly slows MOABs by 33% ---- I'm still not convinced if the Glue Gunner is worthy for a 3 monkey lineup? I still don't use him so I really don't have much of an opinion here.

                One more thing: the x/4 Ninja Monkey is supposed to slow-down ALL bloons on screen yes? Sometimes it's difficult to tell.