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  • Usual Arena Schedules

    It might be helpful to keep track of arenas, both for figuring out when to grind and to compare to past schedules.

    ASSAULT through November 2018 (only default bloon, tower, and track boosts):
    Thu MOAB Fri BFB Sat MOAB Sun BFB
    Week 1 Normal Normal R3 Speed Bnz Normal
    Week 2 R3 Normal Speed Fire R3 Speed Bz
    Week 3 Normal Normal Speed Mega Normal
    Week 4 Normal Normal Speed Bnz R3 Speed

    CARDS through November 2018 (only default bloon and tower boosts):
    Thu MOAB Fri BFB Sat MOAB Sun BFB
    Week 1 Normal Normal Mega Fire Random
    Week 2 Random Normal Speed Bnz Random
    Week 3 Normal Random Normal Speed Mega
    Week 4 Normal Random Speed Fire

    Then there was a lot of whacky stuff happening in Assault arenas in December, with the Old School club mode released then removed before eventually coming back again later. Energy-based power arenas were introduced for a couple days, then removed and have not returned, no doubt in response to a multitude of threats from players to completely fill NK's offices with inflated monkey-eating bloons. That was followed by every top arena being Normal (but oh so strange) for a week. Things seem to have settled into a more routine schedule since mid-January, though additional arenas have been added to those schedules in the past couple weeks, and the full schedule of the upcoming weeks can't be predicted yet. Cards arena schedules have not changed at all, and still have no Old School mode implemented or even in development, apparently.

    ASSAULT since mid-January (full bloon, tower, and track powers):
    Week 1 (Mar 20-27) Normal Normal Normal & OS/Normal Normal/Normal Normal/OS Normal
    Week 2 (Mar 27-Apr 3) Normal Old School Norm/Norm & R3 Sp Bnz Normal/Normal Norm & OS/Norm Normal
    Week 3 (Apr 3-10) Normal Normal Normal & OS/Normal Norm/Norm & R3 Sp Norm & OS/Norm Normal
    Week 4 (Mar 13-20) Normal Normal Normal/Old School Norm/Sp Bnz R3 Speed/x Normal
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    So much for quitting

    I thought arenas were on a 2-week schedule? Or was that the order schedule
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      Originally posted by BTD Battles Scrub View Post
      So much for quitting
      Monkey troll :-|

      I thought arenas were on a 2-week schedule? Or was that the order schedule
      For purposes of global and local leaderboards, as well as clan rewards, arenas run on a weekly schedule. For prestige leaderboards, they run on a two week schedule. But there are 4 week-long schedules which almost always cycle through in the same order, and usually feature the same arenas each time that week comes around.

      Though a 5 week rotation would be nice, so that different weekly schedules get paired together for variety, for prestige grinding. Currently it's always Week A+B and Week C+D. If a fifth week were introduced with different arena content, it would be A+B, C+D, E+A, B+C, and D+E. So adding a single week to the rotation would result in 5 paired two-week combinations for players to choose from in finding the two-week period which is optimal for their strengths and weaknesses, instead of the current 2 options.


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        Updated the original post in this thread for this week (February 27 - March 6) based on the blog - which has historically been wrong about as often as it's right, so caveat simia. For example, it says Saturday will have a Cards BFB in addition to our usual Cards club MOAB, which will happen approximately when monkey hell freezes over. And right now, those of us who have been in monkey hell for several months can attest that it's still rather warm.

        Currently the blog shows no Assault clubs this week except Old School. Historically, the Assault schedule for this week had non-club R3 MOAB on Thursday, speed with fire MOAB on Saturday, and R3 speed bananza BFB on Sunday. More recently (4 weeks ago), it only had Old School and Normal, according to my records.

        Edit: Yup, the blog was wrong. There's R3 speed bananza MOAB in Assault today instead of old school.
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          Updated for March 6 - March 13 based on the blog, though there may still be errors. For example, it says Cards has gained a MOAB on Friday and a BFB on Saturday, but has lost the speed mega BFB on Sunday, which seems pretty unlikely.

          Now that all four weeks are filled in (though hopefully will change in the future), we can tally the Assault arenas occurring per month:
          MOAB (61%) BFB (39%)
          Normal (73%) 19 (46%) 11 (27%)
          Old School (17%) 3 (7%) 4 (10%)
          Other Club (10%) 3 (7%) 1 (2%)

          So there's still a huge focus on power-based arenas, and on 54% of non-boss days there are no Old School or club alternatives to the power arenas.
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