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  • [Suggestion] Power Balance changes

    The Powers system is really messy at the moment, and I would like some buffs and nerfs to a lot of Powers, especially the Spike path of the Road Powers section, since right now Spike Path is a joke, especially because they are all unlock at the same amount of XP as other similar ranked Powers. Here are my list of changes I would like to change:

    Road Boosts:
    • Red Hot Spikes uses (3 --> 6) and spike pile increased (20 --> 25). Right now, all glues and even Pineapples are even better than Red Hot Spikes. Anything other than the Spike path (except Spike Storm) give such a lot more advantage than almost all of the Spike path. Heck, if glue can slow down 30+ bloons, why can't Spikes be any useful against serious overpowered boosts such as Quick Shot Camo Ceramics or 3x Upgrade Bloon Pinks? If we change the number of uses of Red Hot Spikes to 5, that should balance its underpowered effects against all the other overpowered boosts.
    • Better Bundles uses (3 --> 5) and spike pile increased (23 --> 35). Similar story to Red Hot Spikes. Still extremely underpowered compared to many other powerful Bloon Boosts and Road Item boosts. You could easily use glues to replace them.
    • Best Bundles uses (3 --> 5) and spike pile increased (25 --> 50). Extremely underpowered. Even Spike Storm beats any of these Powers. Even though Spike Storm is not permanent, it provides the best solution for wiping out crowds of bloons between Rounds 8 and 14. We need a permanent spike pile to outweigh these extreme advantages. Gees, with my proposed Best Bundles, my proposed Best Bundles could at most struggle against massive grouped White rushes but excel against prepared spaced MOABs, though still struggle against Ceramics.
    • Lightning Bolts act similar to the Chain Lightning in Card Battles but creates only 7 Monkey Apprentice Lightning Bolts instead. Currently, it's extremely underwhelming for any use, including the most dangerous of rushes such as Regen Rainbows. It is also currently extremely slow and completely ineffective against Ceramics and above, and terrible against even Grouped White rushes. I think my changes will make it much better against Rainbows and below.
    • Shield uses (1 --> 2), though only one shield may be active at a time. By the time you got this one, you would've gotten a lot more worthwhile Powers such as the Spike Storm or Monkey Acid. And it does so useless compared to any of the better Road Powers, even Monkey Glue.
    Tower Boosts:
    • Damage Boost duration (18s --> 12s). Right now, Damage Boost is way too OP, and it easy demolishes any big rush, even better than the original Tower Boost or Improved Tower Boost. Just get lost of Triple Darts and/or fast-shooting towers and you're all set. And I want Damage Boost to still be able to demolish any rush but I don't want it to last that long for its power.
    Bloon Boosts:
    • Swap Quick Shot and Long Bloon Boost unlock pattern. Nobody really seems to use Long Bloon Boost; it's always Quick Shot all the way. Plus, Quick Shot is just way too good of a Tier-2 Power that I think it should be Tier-3 instead. Gees, even Long Tower Boost is Tier-2 even though Long Bloon Boost is Tier-3.
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.

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    Powers should have tradeoffs (like trading spikes for more spikes 4hed) and should all have power levels closer to the defaults but better in one or two ways. I didn’t sign up to play Trash Royale. I want counterplay I don’t want to I have isn’t be forced to sit there and lose without being allowed to do anything about it.

    default spikes have the most flexibility being able to antistall, pop early bloons, pop r10 leads, ceramics or save them to pop a r18 MOAB. Bigger piles simply shouldn’t be strictly better they shouldn’t have all the flexibility of default spikes and for example shouldnt pop leads. Spike storm isn’t the best for early leaks and the opponent can always just stop sending after using the spike storm and wait for the spikes to wear off. Plus it’s only 5 spikes per pile and ~250 piles total so it’s not the best devs grouped bloons. Maybe reduce the number of uses to 1 to have to use it wisely.

    Glue can’t hit MOABs and isn’t the best thing to use earlygame but it excels midgame slowing and eating away leads/zebras/rainbows/ceramics. Glue was stupid before only getting 3 uses that hit 30 bloons each and even now it can potentially pop 1000 bloons with a single glue. Maybe reduce it to 20-25 bloons idk. More glue doesn’t have corrosive but can slow more bloons which makes it really good if two players allout each other but isn’t very good outside of that scenario. Acid hits fewer bloons than corrosive glue but pops them faster which makes them easier to use and better vs ceramics. Maybe shrink it down to 10-15 hits idk. Glue storm risks regrow farming and ignores MOABs plus it isn’t now very efficient for stopping early leaks. If the glue striker ability could slow MOABs it would be more interesting it doesn’t even have to be half speed maybe 75-80% speed.

    Pineapples are the remaining power that lets you get up a round 3 plantation (which is the main problem with powers is that you can farm all you want and your opponent isn’t allowed to pressure to force you to buy More defense) while also popping leads and with a 1 second delay it’s not too hard to time them. Reducing their uses to 5-10 pineapples would make it important to know when to use them and have To give up farming at some points in favor of others. Juggerlanche can be baited out and is bad late unlike spike storm. Maybe give a cooldown for using it. Chain lightning and Shield are terrible past the first few rounds.

    Quick shot and bloon upgrade boosts should have time limits so they don’t stack and you get things like round 4 rainbows or boosts that carry over into the next game. Turbo MOABs shouldn’t affect the ceramics inside if the other boosts can only affect non MOABs. The default bloon boost description is also incorrect since it makes bloons 20% faster not 30%.

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      The only powers I really want to see potentially have a buff are the default powers tbh, this way you can compete without grinding. Default powers being moved up to 5 uses isn't the worst idea.

      Damage boost should either be nerfed to 12 seconds without the attack speed buff, or to 2 uses without the attack speed buff. Either one would nerf it roughly the same amount.

      Another thing, default bloon boost says it increases speed by 30%, but it actually only does 20%. Fixing that would be a good idea.
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        Past me...
        Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
        Range Boost: +40% range, no attack speed boost, lasts 11 seconds
        Camo Shred: lasts 10 seconds
        Pop boost: lasts 10 seconds
        Damage boost: lasts 7 seconds
        Empowered Towers: lasts 8 seconds
        Big Bloon Beatdown: lasts 10 seconds
        Big Bloon Buster: lasts 6 seconds
        ​​​Big Bloon Slow: lasts 5 seconds
        Monkey Glue pierce decreased to 10
        Lots of Glue pierce decreased to 25
        Acid pool pierce decreased to 6

        Lightning Bolt: Acts exactly like the power card and make it actually deal 2 damage to every target.

        I'll have to disagree on the Bloon Upgrade nerf, the +2 rank change was fine originally, however I felt the number of bloons that are affected by it should have been reduced to 3-5. The way how the power stacks should be changed too. Every stack will increase the number of bloons affected, not the rank. Same thing applies with Quick Shot, and it shouldn't be able to carry over matches.
        I'll add my suggestions to the table too.
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          Game was updated yesterday, any of your suggestions got implemented?