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WTF! a replay of my game is missing.

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  • WTF! a replay of my game is missing.

    So i was going back to rewatch one of my games from last night and it's completely gone. It was a game against PLD (someone who i have now had to report TWICE for the use of a macro.) And that game is completely gone from the replays. As sad as this is to have to say but i really hope someone at NK didn't delete it to protect him because it was there last night before i went to sleep.
    It was a game on the water map with all the ice spots (but mostly water) in the R3 fire using the mortar (that was the offense of macroing.)

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    Blame the spaghetti code for that. It's a known issue.
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      I thought replays don’t get saved when playing someone who’s flagged
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        if one of the players in a game has a flagged account, the btv replay wont show.


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          Yes i am aware of that but i know for a fact he isn't flagged because his other replay that i also reported shows up. (even though nothing happened with it and i'm fairly certain they wouldn't allowed such a use of macro because of it posing WAY too much of an unfair advantage to computer players.)


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            ninjakiwi necesita arreglar su juego