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  • Wizard farm chipper

    I know that wizard farm chipper is supposed to be a really solid strategy right now, even some people call it the new best meta, and I can win some games with it, but it just seems like I'm missing something. I'm not asking for some old-school dart-farm-something enthusiast to simply say "wizard is trash", because I'm getting tired of showing people that wizard can be useful in some situations. This is not my main strategy, but for some shorter maps I have some different strategies, and some maps that have easier strats that are specific to the map (ninja sub ace on snowfall and concrete alley for example). The main problem that I have is that although three boosted wizards can beat boosted regen zebras easily, if my opponent sends regen rainbows, even if I boost immediately and sell all farms for upgrading to x-3, they still get overrun. Would I be better off trading in the chipper for something like tack, with which I would lose a lot of moab popping power, but easily bait a rush that I could maelstrom? People usually go all out with rainbows, selling all farms, so maelstroming it could give me a massive advantage, whether I counter rush or wait it out. What is your opinion?