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allowed to sell BTDB accounts?

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  • allowed to sell BTDB accounts?

    I was checking my discord, And I have this I do want to take it, But so I don't get in trouble, are you allowed to sell/buy mobile NK accounts?

    P.S Can I Log In will most likely not take the account
    I hope you use discord, because all the discord servers I go to is here so see ya there.

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    Do people even read the TOS?
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      Originally posted by mrmonkey2004
      Technically, you're not allowed to do it, but you can do it if you want without any worry of repercussion since to my knowledge, NK has no way to find out if you sold an account to another person (unless of course one party informed NK of such a purchase, in which case would be utterly stupid since it does not benefit either party/a third party).

      LOL everyone knows that reading the TOS is a waste of time.

      TL;DR: take it if you want, nothing's stopping you.
      Ofc it generally is a waste of time. But if you are doing something or want to know if something is allowed, the TOS is great to consult.
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        Nope it's against the terms of service.

        Usually these accounts have duped data which is easy to detect and account sharing is also detectable (which is what is happening). Maybe we won't notice but not a good idea.