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Time to reattempt 100 wins from nothing but a bit differently.

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  • Time to reattempt 100 wins from nothing but a bit differently.

    This time i'm gonna try and go for 100-0 but with doing mostly R3 battles. This should be fun.

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    100-0 with R3. No Camo Detection. R12 Camo Pink Rushed and lost Game 1. That is a guess.
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      But you have to remember this is the 100 win challenge meaning the chances of winning every time in R3 because of no camo detection is slim. Also i would be proned to the same attacks.


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        Omg, no one cares.


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          No offense, but same. I don't see a reason why it needs another thread. Just use the discussion one.
          (In the meantime I also PMed a mod to lock/merge with said thread.)
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            Originally posted by Luke Carney View Post
            Omg, no one cares.
            lol keeping it classy xD


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              Assuming both players are equally skilled and every loadout has one or more significant weaknesses, the chances of you winning every game are (0.5)100 or 0.00000000000000000000000000008%.

              Account for other variables all you want, but I can promise you that R3 isn't the way to go.
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                Yeah only Josh can do 100-0 with R3 :/

                and Lachlan too :P