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Plantation vs more bananas.

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  • Plantation vs more bananas.

    I'm gonna make this thread short and sweet, is getting a plantation better or is getting two more bananas then getting plantation better

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    It depends:
    Ask yourself this question when buying the plantation vs another 1-0:
    am I going to get another farm with the coming ~$1500 after spending or am I going to have to buy defense/send bloons?
    If you are going to buy another farm with the next ~$1500 then buy another 1-0 and then ask yourself the question again.
    If you know you are going to have to buy defense soon or you are under-defending/preparing for a rush, buy the plantation upgrade


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      Well, it is simple math.

      Farms are 1100.
      More Bananas is 300
      Banana Plantation is 1500.

      For 21 bananas per round, it would be next to darn impossible to place that many farms. For space, 2-x (Preferably 2-0).
      But let's say we had that space. 1400x7=9800. That's 7 1-0 Farms
      For Banana Plantations, it is: 2900x3=8700. You would save an extra banana farms, making it 23 Bananas.
      But for cost, early on, just get 2 1-0s, then get 2-0s.
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        you use the question rule because sometimes you can't get a 1-0 all at once. so if you get a 0-0, then as soon as you have enough money you will get more money at that moment than the guy who upgraded to plantations.

        However if you don't use that money to get more farms, it wasn't worth it to do it because the guy who bought the plantations will be able to catch up on the advantage you made


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          Originally posted by Speedy05 View Post

          it would be next to darn impossible to place that many farms.
          you never really run out of space, because you can upgrade farms instead if you run out of space. to factories or plantations or the like because when you run out of space, it doesn't matter as much for economic efficiency
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            It depends on the situation, but nine out of ten times getting a 2-0 farm is better.
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              I only ever get another 1/0 instead of a plantation if I'm greeding r10-11. That way you can just sell one of them if your opponent goes crazy with regrow whites instead of having to sell a whole plantation, which is usually overkill.


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                When you only have a 1-0 farm at the beginning of the game I say take the 1-0. Otherwise, after you've built up 3 1-0 farms, upgrade instead of buying more 1-0 farms.


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                  Planning space is pretty important. If you are concerned about space, two 1-0 farms would do good. Saves you time before those more difficult rounds that requires quickness, and those Round 8s, 10s, and 11+s are really difficult to get the slower focusing of space saving. But at the same time, 2-0 gives more cash than two 1-0s. Depends what you think is best, but take my ideas for ideas.
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