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  • Battles TV Change Suggestion

    So everybody knows that battles tv games get deleted after 30 days. I would like to have the option to save some battles tv games however. I think it would be a good idea to give someone the option to save a battles tv game if they see a really awesome game. It would be even better if the saved battles tv games are saved on your computer as an actual file. This would make sharing it with others even easier.

    What do you guys think? Would you want this?
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    I think they still keep your most popular games after 30 days. I haven't checked recently but I definitely had a game where I pwned sjb and it stuck around under my most popular games for over 30 days.


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      They don't last after 39 days I think they just get saved if you play more than 30 battles. Nk pls gieb downloadable replays plox
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        I agree. They should increase the gap to 60 days, and be able to hold something like 65535 Replays at once. That would require lots of coding, however. They can go to the 32 bit integer (-2,147,483,647 - 2,147,483,648) through cash, so why not the 16 bit integer (-65,535 - 65,536) for replays.
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          not really, don't really care too much about this, 30 days is reasonable enough.