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Co-Op Mode?

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  • Co-Op Mode?

    How would you feel about a 2 vs 2 mode?
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    How would that even be possible...

    you can't just post something like this and not have any ideas on how it'll work. I can't see any way a co op mode could work without it being a cluster****


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      The Idea

      4 Player Teams

      The Space where they place towers is split
      The line is drawn dependent on how the map is
      Ex: Snowy Castle would be split across the bridge.
      Medallions would be the same (5, 20,100, 500, etc.). Reward is split between the players.
      Player Starting money is the same, eco is the same as well.
      150 Lives
      Posible to invite friends over for some games.
      Bloons sends affect only the summoner's eco.

      4 Player Battle

      Players enter a battle of four
      Winner receives Medallions dependent on Rank
      Tap on the enemy side to see what they are doing.
      When a player loses all of their lives, they will wait for the end of the match.
      Win/Loss is counted as only one win or loss, even if you place second, it's a loss.
      Bloons are sent to the side that is currently on screen, so 2 or 3 players can all-out a player.

      Possible Answer to Medallion count
      1st: Double the Medallions they spent
      2nd: What they spent
      3rd: Half the Medallions they spent
      4th: No Medallions they spent
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        Some interesting ideas, but I don't see them ever incorporating something like this.


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          Originally posted by ears
          The probability of NK implementing this is the probability of their server size magically getting twice as big.
          Or them actually balancing the game properly 😐


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            Here's another idea:

            the 2 players vs IA ---> (similar to BTD5 coop mode).

            two different ways to test:
            - Both players share the same map and place towers on their respective half of the map. though the maps needs to be bigger than those on BTD battles.
            - or as usual the screen is splited to two but the natural bloons comes from both sides and the exit bloon side of a player is the entrance side of the 2nd player. seems complicated it may needs an image It means that if a player leaks a bloon, it'll automatically go to the other player side. so theorically, the map is twice longer.

            The challenge is the IA will unexpectedly (or for example each interval of time, like 30 sec) send bloon assaults depending on the rounds. so on round 10 IA can send a huge regrow pink rush or a camo RR on round 13, and maybe players weren't prepared for that. some restrictions can be tried such as players can't play with the same towers.
            Special rooms can be proposed such a Random trio, bananza, ... the higher the round players go, the higher the rewards.
            For economy, similar to defensive mode system, just adapted to this new mode, and an ability to give some money to the other player.