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ATTENTION NINJA KIWI: This is why you need to put a mute button in.

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  • ATTENTION NINJA KIWI: This is why you need to put a mute button in.

    Until now i wasn't able to get a recording of this because i've never had my recording software up when i ran into one of these people, but with the new replays i can now show you exactly why you need a mute button. So please for the sake of ALL OF OUR SANITY PUT A DAMN MUTE BUTTON IN THE GAME!

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    Hm.. do you really think it's that important? :l
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      The solution is simple, just win the game. Marwan always bms me but does he win? Nope. Also just a tip, if someone boosts a rush at you, just boost right away unless you have a lot of money saved up to defend. Since they're dumb and boosting the rush at you, you don't need to worry about a re-rush.
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        So winning is BM.
        I saw a button that said edit post signature so I did.

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          How about an emoji limit instead?
          Besides, you can't last longer than 4 minutes and 44 seconds with 2 ninjas and a mortar


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            Max of 30 a day. Miiverse style.
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