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Is anyone else having rematch trouble?

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  • Is anyone else having rematch trouble?

    So i've noticed that not too often but often enough to be annoying that the rematch will not work because "Your connection has been lost" Or something along those lines. First few times i though ok so maybe its just me that sucks oh well. But after like the 15th time it just kind of seems like it's ninja kiwi's servers or perhaps my connection just can't do the rematches as i have no other trouble at all in terms of connection.

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    For Me ive noticed the "Connectivity to NinjaKiwi servers seems random sometimes, even with the best connection


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      Yeah, the servers today were pretty erratic, thanks a lot downtimes.
      Even ingame is glitchy, at times the game slows to a crawl at complete random and other times I immediately get a defeat after getting DCed only once (normally it's on the 4th time.). I'm not sure if NK can remove those unreasonable losses from the downtimes (probably not because most of the time they aren't aware of them even happening), but we'll see what the admins say.
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