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The Crucible without altars

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  • The Crucible without altars

    The difficulty (or lack thereof) of this new event is really telling when you can beat it without even using the map's main gimmick. I'd suggest adding more variety in the rounds, and decreasing the starting cash a tad.

    - 1: 2 2/1 glues near the front of the map. All rainbow rounds will beat themselves.
    - 2: 0/0 Chipper right at the front (so the glues don’t get them first). Sell Chipper once all ceramics are sucked in but before the innards pop out.
    - 3: Nothing
    - 4: Same as 2, except with 2 chippers.
    - 5: Nothing
    - 6: Sell a glue, upgrade the other 3/1.
    - 7: Glue 3/2
    - 8-10: Nothing
    - 11: Sell glue. Village off to the side. 3 2/1 Dartlings. Upgrade Village 0/1.
    - 12-19: Village 2/1, then place more 2/1 dartlings as you go. You should be able to kill all MOABs with 5 dartlings if your aiming is okay. Save some money for a 2/3 Dartling.
    - 20: Buy your 2/3 Dartling; sell a 2/1 if you can’t afford.
    - 21-25: Second 2/3 Dartling. You won’t have enough for a third, so for fun you can throw some random towers in to assist in damaging the BFBs. Once you clear everything out, you win!
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