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    I like to save up my free towers for specific occasions, but sometimes I feel the need to use them even though I don’t want to.

    I think there should be a pop-up when you attempt to place a tower that you have at least 1 free available: on the left, it should have a button that says the “Pay X,” where X is the tower’s cost; on the right, it should have a button that says “Use 1 x,” where x is a picture of the tower.
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    Little trick that helps, if you complete a quest but don't claim the rewards it'll stay there until you collect them.
    Sort of a workaround, but it does exist, and I use this too.
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      I just created my own personal challenge by not use x tower because it a 'free tower'


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        I think a better solution would be a "Use Free Towers" toggle. When on, it prioritizes using free towers over spending cash. When off, you spend cash to place towers even when free ones are available.


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          I disagree. This would trivialize agents.