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Monkey Knowledge in BTD6?

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  • Monkey Knowledge in BTD6?

    I would like to see something from Monkey City in Flash, like MK, Bloonstones as a special currency, etc.

    Can be used to buy skins, special upgrades, etc.

    Boosts to stats/price.
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    Are there enough buying to warrant the time to create this?


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      you would be adding more features to make the game easier than it already is. The game is already giving you a bunch if free towers and agents and the game's balance is based around getting a certain amount of money and beating set waves of bloons.

      In BMC you are fighting stuff that without those upgrades from the tokens you will be virtually unable to do those harder tracks.


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        the monkey knowledge pretty much replaces specialty buildings, so no need.
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          Originally posted by ears

          What are you trying to say?
          How about we add a crucial word--Are there enough people buying to warrant the time to create this?
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