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My New Tower Idea-Lab Monkey

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  • My New Tower Idea-Lab Monkey

    The Lab Monkey is a tower that creates various experiments and whatnot that can pop Bloons effectively. The base tower costs $500 (all costs are Medium mode) and shoots test tubes on the track which create a green Cleansing Foam texture. These chemicals will pop layers off Bloons twice a second while in the puddle. Puddles last for 2 seconds, therefore capping damage at 4 pops per Bloon per puddle. It would have on average five puddles active.

    Left path 1: Large Flasks-Creates larger puddles that last for 5 seconds instead of 2. Costs 650.
    2:Better Equipment-Shoots twice as fast as before. Costs 1200.
    3:Glass Shards: Each flask explodes into three shards, which act like retextured Road Spikes.(3 spikes, not 3 piles). Costs 2150.
    4:Explosive Chemicals- Explodes like a 2/2 Mortar after the chemical time runs out. Costs 5420.

    Right path 1:Chemical Spray System-1" range increase to the Monkey. Costs 420.
    2:Potent Chemicals:Pops four times a second instead of two. Costs 1500.
    3:Poisonous Chemicals: Poison effects all Bloons affected by the Chemicals. This acts the same way as fire from a Mortar, but shows a hazy green around the Bloon. Costs 3400.
    4: Ability: Pathogen-Infects a Bloon of your choice(though in rushes you would need to click in the middle and it wouldn't matter as much) that is non MOAB with a pathogen that does nothing for three seconds, then coats the Bloon in Bloon Dissolver glue. Shows the glue effect as well as a thermometer coming from the Bloons that are infected. Pathogens infect any other Bloon they touch, meaning that those rushes will get decimated quickly. Costs 10500.

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    My Tower Idea

    Flask Monkey (Prices are calculated on Medium. To find Easy, Hard, and Impoppable prices, multiply by 0.85, 1.08, or 1.20)

    The monkey wears a black shirt and a white lab coat, and wears small glasses.
    The monkey throws a green liquid beaker. The beaker does AoE damage.
    The liquid stays on the track for 2.5 seconds. It only pops bloons that are hit with the initial throw.
    The liquid will stay on the ground once it pops a bloon. Bloons on the liquid will be slowed down.

    Price: 600

    1-x: Fuzzy Beaker (Cost: 300)
    Increases the blast radius when it hits the ground, or when it hits a bloon.
    Beaker increases in size

    2-x: Slippery Substance (Cost: 750)
    When the bloons hit the substance, they have a chance to go backwards or stay in place. The liquid can pop lead bloons.
    Beaker's liquid is blue.
    Lab Coat is now yellow

    3-x: Double Splash (Cost: 2750)
    The tower can throw beakers with both hands.
    The shirt color is changed to orange
    Lab Coat is changed to red

    4-x: Expanded Foam (Cost: 3900)
    The foam size increases.
    Lab Coat is gone

    x-1: Increased Range (Cost: 250)
    Increases Range
    Shirt is now green

    x-2: Sharp Glasses (Cost: 700)
    Camo Detection

    x-3: Shattered Glass (Cost: 1050)
    Shards appear on the liquid. This pops 1 layer a second.
    Shirt is now white

    x-4: MadMonkey (Cost: 6500)
    Ability: Spread the foam all across the map, popping hit bloons, and slowing them down.
    Shirt is now brown
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