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    Also, i do love the Sub's radio-melting. it's so OP it's not even funny.
    Paired with Arctic wind, 100% of all bloons will be decimated. (NO JOKE, NOT EVEN REGROW CERAMICS)
    I mean, glue helps, but not even monkey fort can give it enough covering power. Maybe liquifier can lighten the CPU load, but only the 2 mentioned effect 100% of bloons.
    OH did i mention it makes farming impossibly easy?
    Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!


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      Originally posted by Hausemaster

      Nope, enough regrow ceramics on rounds like 63 will do you in.

      You need MIB+arctic if you want literally nothing to get past through.
      AWREACTOR defends better than AWMIB on Mobile, plus it's cheaper.

      By the way, don't call people noobs when you think the ceramics on 63 are regrow.
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        I dont think it is possible to do tar pits impoppable, naps hard may be another question... the best i did for tar pits impoppable was beat it with lv 9 labs and dart specialty so not really that good at all but hey i got 3 4/2 farms up