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  • Possible Features in BTD 6

    Just a forum on what could be on BTD 6, like Special Missions, Daily Challenges, etc.
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    New Mode

    Monkeys vs Machines

    A player must send bloons at their AI or player controlled player. The cost of bloons vary, and defend your honor against the robots.
    Players: 1 or 2
    Local Play (PvAI) (Offline)
    Multiplayer (PvP) (Online)

    Starting Items
    5K Cash (Increases by 20% each round, additively)
    6K Cash (Increases by 20% each round, as if it started on 5K)
    1, 100, 150, or 200 Lives. Lives carry out from round to round.
    Round: 25?

    Easy (0.85x tower cost)
    Medium (Normal tower cost, or 1.00x tower cost)
    Hard (1.08x tower cost)
    Impoppable? (1.20x tower cost)

    AI (Skill Level)
    Very Hard

    Victory against AI Rewards (You get 40% of the awards after beating each one once)

    Easy: 50 MM
    Medium: 150 MM
    Hard: 200 MM
    Impoppable: 400 MM

    Easy: 1 Token
    Normal: 3 Tokens
    Hard: 4 Tokens
    Very Hard: 5 Tokens
    Extreme: 10 Tokens
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      Well, we already know that there is a new upgrade system in store for BTD6. (So no 2 paths with 4 upgrades on each this time)
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        New upgrade system? Where did you see this?
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          Originally posted by WeegeeMaelstrom
          New upgrade system? Where did you see this?
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          Originally posted by Junior Monkey;n138814
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            Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
            Sounds like a joke, really meaning "I dunno really, we could guess every day until the day we die."
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              Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
              That's not a confirmation, that's a speculation, silly! ;D
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                Plus, this is where you can create games for the upcoming game BTD 6.
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                  Cost%= 145 (Dart monkey cost: 290)

                  Rounds: 100

                  Always has 15 ZOMGS at the end.

                  Will add more later
                  I can't spel.

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                    Well if you look at BTD 4 to BTD 5 they introduced a new upgrade system from one to two upgrade paths, which radically chanced the game in a lot of ways. Just from the news post on the website they announced it they seem to have something up there sleeve to make it better then number 5 which I am not sure how. The only ways they could is introduce something that radically changes the game or gameplay.

                    I think it is going to be some sort of new upgrade system. Either 3 or 4 upgrade paths or a mix and match system with going from 2 upgrade paths to 3, that is what makes since to me. Plus we do not know if any of the upgrades to the towers are going to be back. Look at BTD 4 the paths are way different. Just my thoughts of the matter.


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                      READ THIS WALL OF TEXT and COMMENT

                      This is a great idea! Though I think Bloons TD6 needs some major expansion to the diversity of bloons. The current setup makes for the requirement of more bloons down the pipeline which causes performance issues in the later game. This means seeing how far you can get isn't about strategy but system performance.

                      One thing I'm suggesting below by adding the 5th tier towers would allow for some balancing between OP Towers. So the all consuming Monkey God tower won't be the only endgame tower worth getting.

                      Better Game Performance
                      To mitigate the late game performance bottleneck a few additional bloon types could be added. The special bloons would increase in quantity every 5 levels in freeplay. The freeplay levels wouldn't increase bloon account as rapidly but increase difficulty by increasing bloon armor and speed also.

                      Special Bloons
                      Knockout Bloons - These bloons leave a cloud of gas that knockout the towers in a given radius of where the bloon is popped for the remainder of the round.
                      Speed Bloons - When a speed bloon is popped bloons that pass through the location that it was popped they gain a speed boost until popped. Engineer monkey cleansing foam cleans this up.
                      Teleporting Bloons - When they are popped they create a portal between the point they were popped and random distance down the track. Maximum teleport distance being half the distance between the location popped and the exit.
                      Mirror Bloons - A slow moving bloon that can't be hit by energy weapons (super monkey upgraded, mage, freeze towers, gatling 3/4-X, etc)
                      Invulnerability Bloons - When popped grants all bloons invincibility for 2 seconds.
                      Thief Bloons - Steals 25% of players current money when popped.
                      Hulk Bloons - Increases in size/speed until reaches critical mass and explodes.
                      Necromancer Bloons - Grows stronger as bloons around it are popped.
                      Scramble Bloons - When a scramble bloon is popped all current bloons randomly change to another bloon type with a maximum of +/- 2 in difficulty. Ceramic could become a ZOMG!
                      ZOMG and Beyond - Instead of adding more and more of them start adding more of the above traits to them

                      Random Beneficial Bloons
                      Life Bloon - This bloon gives the player a life no matter the difficulty. Even on impoppable you may gain additional lives by this means only.
                      Double Cash Bloon - Your current cash is doubled with this bloon is popped.
                      Level up Bloon - Towers around the bloon when it pops gain an additional level.
                      Random Skill Activator Bloon - Gives a random skill activation.
                      Black Market Monkey - In Freeplay you may see the Black Market Monkey tower appear. If you click on it you will get a one time chance to purchase some alteration to the freeplay. Your purchases will change the core mechanics of the game. Number of bloons on a wave, bloon types, cash rates, etc assuming you have the extra cash to pay for them.(disables achievements, leaderboard, etc.)


                      New Mastery System
                      Add a new less grinding way of progressing to harder difficulties. Unlock a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, ETC. boss map at specific levels. Completing the boss map on bronze/easy mode would only unlock bronze/easy mastery for the given track difficulty set. There would be 10 Mastery levels and each would provide a set increase in difficulty per level completed.

                      An example of expected mastery changes. Each mastery level builds on the previous one's difficulty.
                      Mastery I - Waves start with a 5 level offset and 1 bloon with a trait appears every level. 5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery II - Waves start with a 7 level offset and 1 additional bloons with a trait appear every level. 5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery III - Waves start with a 9 level offset and 2 additional bloons with a trait appear every level.5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery IV - Waves start with a 10 level offset and 3 additional bloons with a trait appear every level.5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery V - Bloons require +1 hit to pop. Waves start with a 10 level offset and 5 additional bloons with a trait appear every level.5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery VI - 7 additional bloons with traits appear every level. 5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery VII - Bloons require +1 hit to pop. Each bloon has a twin. 5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery VIII - Towers cost increases by number of similiar towers * base cost. 1 tower randomly goes offline for a round.5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery IX - You must pay to pop bloons. If you run out of money you cannot pop any bloons.5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Mastery X - You must pay Level x Lives at the end of each wave. You will lose any lives you cannot afford. Beneficial bloons do not appear.5 Additional levels required to defeat.
                      Grand Master - Bloons appear as a random type. There is no sense to why each bloon appears. At the end you unlock a very special level in which you must defeat the Bloon God Bloon.

                      Special Agents
                      The cost per special agent place is increased by base price per each placed.

                      Tower & Special Agent Mastery System
                      Research Tree
                      There are 2 research trees for each tower.
                      All tower research trees are active for any given game.
                      Tower tree progress is gained by popping bloons and then paying monkey cash once enough bloons are popped
                      Research enhances each tier's abilities.
                      Banana Farm and Monkey Village have research tree.

                      The 3rd tree is a prestige tree that is progressed by reaching mastery and resetting progress.
                      Prestige tree gives additional price/speed/popping power bonuses.
                      Some prestige bonuses may be leveled multiple times.
                      One of the prestige bonuses allows additional research trees to be unlocked on a given tower.
                      After 10 prestige points are spent you may unlock tier 5 tower research bonus.
                      Prestige points cost $1,000 monkey cash times the number of prestige points spent on the specific tower.

                      Monkey Cash Usage
                      Cash is by completing missions/challenges/etc.
                      Cash is required for research, prestige, unlocking mastery levels, special agents, and anything else beyond starting a game.
                      Monkey Gold can be spent instead of Cash at a ratio of 1:100

                      If you want to accelerate your progress you may purchase Gold which can be spent on anything requiring cash. Gold:Cash ratio is 1:100.

                      NO PAY TO WIN MONETIZATION players should not be able to buy double ingame cash, lives, etc.

                      Players MAY purchase the following upgrades

                      1.5x/2x/3x/4x/5x speed acceleration for $0.99/$1.99/$3.99/$4.99/$5.99 or all for $15
                      Starting Level 5/10/15/20/25 start for ALL Levels/Masteries $0.99/$1.99/$3.99/$4.99/$5.99 or all for $15 (Starting cash is 75% of bloon value up to given starting level.)
                      Reduce bloon pop cost to increase research level of a give tower by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% cost per tier $0.99/$1.99/$3.99/$4.99/$5.99 or all for $15
                      Unlock all Upgrades for $40

                      Co-Op / Social Features
                      Saving Mutliplayer Sessions
                      If a player accidentally closes the game or device restarts a unique ID is saved to allow recovery of the game. If both parties attempt to return to last saved session the unique ID will be used to reconnect the 2 players that disconnected together. This will also allow for 2 players to suspend a game and return at a later date without worrying about losing their multiplayer progress.

                      Map Scores
                      Instead of ranking players by highest difficulty completed a unique scoring system could be added.
                      Each map could have a score being based on number of bloons popped. Easy-Impoppable would give a 50/75/100/150% score bonus. Mastery would give a +1/+2/+4/+8/+12/+16/+20/+25/+50/+75/+100 bonus per level of mastery.

                      Thanks for reading!


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                        I think that instead of the traditional towers, there should be more interesting objects. Here's what I mean:

                        There could be:
                        • A wall that the bloons must hit many times in order to bypass
                        • A locked door that needs a special type of bloon with a key to unlock.
                        • A placeable glue that glues bloons on impact
                        • A tower that is controlled completely by the player (move to aim, tap to shoot, etc.)
                          • would have a button on the tower to tell whether you are controlling it or not
                        • A tower that is free, but has terrible defense
                        • A tower that can place walls down
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                          Hopefully it allows for multi-core processing. It would mean a LOT less lag for a lot of people.
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                            Miniyellow You do realize there were two upgrade paths in BTD 1-3 too and that they merely changed it back for 5, right?


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                              I have an idea for a gamemode, and is kinda complex, but I think it would be great; Some kind of gamemode where bloons are randomized, and you can set what round certain bloons come out, and the RBE would be random. You can set it so that the RBE isn't crazy (like any normal gameplay) or vice verca.

                              Include DDTs please!

                              In sandbox, add checkboxes to have infinitely stacking towers, and increase MOAB speed and health (such as what a MOAB would be like on round 200).

                              Maybe track editor/track competitions? Kind of like what you devs did in Battles.

                              That's everything from the top of my head. I hope someone on the team sees this and makes these ideas a reality!