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    So with update 1.2 comes a new region to explore, but the bloons have also got a way to fight back.

    In case you forgot
    Bloptonite is a type of radioactive blops which, when collected by your super monkey, slows its movement speed. These blops accumulate as you collect more, and will only gradually diminish when the affected monkey is switched out.

    For beginners
    Never fight alone. This should be the most obvious one, since the Bloptonite meter isn't going to go down with time when you don't switch out. If you're going for Ice or Storm badge, however, good luck.

    Knowing your enemy is half the battle. Always keep a mental map of when and from where the Bloptonite will be coming, and be ready to act accordingly.

    Minimise exposure. As with real life radiation, it's best if you avoid being exposed to radiation at all. This is especially true for Bloptonite, where collecting more of them slows your movement, which exposes you to even more Bloptonite. Since Bloptonite is generally propelled downward, try to stay at least halfway up the screen for most of the time, and consider using weapons that can attack the rear or the side, e.g. Energy Arm and Thunder Wings.

    Some more advanced technique
    The orthogonal rule. This is to be applied against a continuous stream of Bloptonite, where contact is inevitable. To minimise Bloptonite collection, try to look for a gap where the Bloptonite is less dense, and fly across the stream in an orthogonal direction.

    Switch wisely. It's generally better to have just one monkey infected with Bloptonite than two. If you're being constantly showered with Bloptonite, switch out only when the source is removed.

    Target the source. Most Bloptonite streams will stop immediately when the source is completely popped. Yet another reason to use non-forward firing weapons.

    Here's what I've got for now. Hope you find them useful.

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    get 2 monkeys, both equipped with 2 crouching monkeys. Swap between pairs. That's how I won 59 and 60.


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      Originally posted by Bloontastic View Post
      get 2 monkeys, both equipped with 2 crouching monkeys. Swap between pairs. That's how I won 59 and 60.
      You can get away with just one monkey too by avoiding the bloptonite at level 60.



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        at first, Bloptonite seems to be no fun, but once you beat 59 and 60, bloptonite isnt that bad. 59 and 60 just have tons of bloptonite.
        and have you noticed that if the monkey is completely infected, and you tag team out while still holding a place on the map, the new monkey teleports there instantly.
        Great for going through bloptonium


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          Yeah just keep swapping