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  • Idea for a new gamemode

    Yeah,yeah another gamemode. As if the recent one isn't enough and we need more normal levels. And as if I haven't posted a long wall of text recently.

    This can also be considerably difficult to be implemented too. But in my opinion. it could make the game feels much less repetitive and have more variety. Because at the moment, the game only have 3 new levels for every 7 days. More variety can also mean players can enjoy playing things for longer which could buy time for NK devs to make more main story levels.

    However, other than being hard to implement, it may also require balancing time to time. So there's a bit downside of it. But still, I myself find it pretty interesting.

    "The Idea"

    remember those card battles recently added to bloons TD battles? Yeah. They're pretty cool. But something made me think : what will happen if we play around things and put it into Bloons supermonkey 2, creating a new multiplayer game mode? So this little idea came up.

    This gamemode involves player being matched with each other in some kind of a long "runway". With both players equipped with very weak weapons like those tier 1s. Or even unarmed. Then, there will be a set of cards available in a panel somewhere in the screen available. These cards are similar to ones in BTDB : They have 2 sides : Defense and offense. Defensive side are mostly weapons, using one of them with equip the super monkey with the weapon for a short duration of time. They may even be a short-duration of constant powerups, one-time use per card activated powerups and epics. Or even allies. Why limited duration? Well... The offensive side of card will send a formation of bloons on each card to your opponent side. Which acts similar to the weekly challenge bloons : if they leak, you lose lives. Which means you need to plan ahead for both defense and offense instead of saving up for ultimate defensive combo before raining down death on your opponent. Oh, and what do these cards use? There needs to be a currency, right? What could it be? Blops! Of course! There would be a constant income of blops throughout the battle. Preferably with a maximum amount to prevent players being to passive/defensive before unleashing a massive amount of bloons.

    Maybe you might be wondering for a while already : We battle against another players right? How would we be able to see how the opponent is playing/defending these bloons? Isn't current screen especially for phone players already too small? Or we can't see how the opponent is doing at all? Well. In my opinion, the background,other than decorations at the borders, will be a mirror which faintly reflects the other player's side. In other words, think of you flying higher than another monkey.

    About the rewards, maybe we might be awarded with blops, crates or other things. I don't know, since I made this idea only for fun and not for grinding, recieving nothing will still make it enjoyable to me.

    Alright,I guess I have nothing else to say. But ask me or tell me what do you think about this.

    Card battles in BSM2, card have 2 sides like BTDB. One side equips the player with a certain weapon on a certain slot for a short amout of time. Or a limited duration constant powerup. Or activate an epic or an activated powerup once upon use. The another sends a formation of bloons based on each card to the opponent side. Cards cost blops which is an in-battle currency to be used. Which are constantly generated like eco. First who leaks a certain amount losses. Maybe a time limit for each game. Background is a mirror of opponent's side.

    Maybe it might be to hard to develop and put into the game. Maybe it's just too different and weird for this kind of game. So I hope NK devs read this and consider. I'm not hoping that it must be put in the game anyways. Just want to put the idea that came up in my head before it disappears.

    Also thanks to anyone who read this to the very end. It took me some time to write this up. But at least it's worth it for me.

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    Really sounds interesting,hope they listen to you and add it!


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      Yassssssss!!!!!!!!! But no
      I'd say that it's been 4 months since I've posted on the NK Forums


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        Umm... That does sound interesting, but the fact that it would presumably be EXTREMELY difficult to put in to the game is not the only problem I can think of. In BTD Battles, the cards in Card Battles go on the toolbar where towers would go in an ordinary battle, so they aren't in the way of the playing field. In BSM2, however, where would they be? If they were too small, it would be difficult to tell what they do. And, since one must move there finger to the place on the screen where they want their monkey to be, if they were they were too big (which as far as I am concerned would be anything bigger than the "Activate Powerup" button) they would just be in the way. However, I do believe multiplayer would be a good idea. I also have an idea for a potential multiplayer mode after looking at this, which takes a few things (one thing specifically) from another idea I have that has to do with the Endless Mine. I'm thinking about posting said idea later (possibly in just a few minutes), and when I do, I'll post what I am thinking about multiplayer here then.

        EDIT: So, about my idea for multiplayer mode - As I have said in my "Endless Mine suggestion" thread I just posted, the various formations in the game would be given a "Difficulty Rating." This would be the same here, and it would be a survival battle to see who could last longer - whoever runs out of lives first, loses. Both players would be given - with one exception - the same random formations of Bloons. At the top of the screen, you would be able to see your lives and your opponent's, like in BTD Battles. Now, you may wonder what that exception I mentioned with Bloon formations is. At the beginning of a Vs. game (before it actually starts), you and your opponent would pick 3-5 Vs. power-ups. These would have a chance of appearing from Mystery ? Bloons, replacing the normal Mystery power-ups, and upon catching them, a new formation (which would be different depending on the Vs. power-up) would "interrupt" the opponent between ordinary formations. Mystery ? Bloons would be more common than in ordinary levels, though not too common, and would appear randomly, and not neccessarily appear at the same time for both players. These formations would be accompanied with a message like "Incoming Attack: (formation name)" and more would be unlocked as a player's "Vs. Level" increased, which would go up as they gained "Vs. Exp." Formation power-ups would be earned either by playing Vs. mode (and how many one gained would be dependent on whether the player won or lost) or via a special, Vs. mode exclusive currency (which, again, the amount earned would be dependent on whether the player won or lost) - presumably only one or the other. And, the lab would have a new "Vs. Formation Power-up screen" where each formation's info screen had a text description and a button to show a "demo" of the formation. What do you think about this?
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