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How to make Endless Mode more active

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  • How to make Endless Mode more active

    First, remove Blop associated powerups from ? bloons in endless mode. Seriously, nobody wants these. One person gets, say, corossive glue, while the other gets 1000 red blops...

    Second, add a few more crates, one between Wooden and Bronze, and another between Silver and Gold

    third, on challenges with a weapon level restriction (tier 2 only), weaken and slow down bloon waves so that they can be destroyed by level 2 weapons without losing lives
    (The game doesn't send a ton of shielded zebras, it sends some greens and a few blacks.)

    next, (obviously) nerf Explosive weapons
    next, upon reaching the end of a level (i.e. 1-3 to 2-1, restore a few lives back or give 1000 points or shoot a few gold blops across screen or a bunch of crappy 1000 red blop powerups. SOMETHING. Also, a littler something between each stage completion would,'t hurt, a few blue blops?

    One more thing, an Endless challenge with epics only sounds fun. too much lightning wings, but fun. and some Bloptonium starting on level 2...

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    Make explosive shots 1-star power ups again since almost every challenge is won by whoever has more explosive shots
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