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Heli Pilots better than MOAB maulers?

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  • Heli Pilots better than MOAB maulers?

    I just played CT and used 2 2~2 helicopters for MOAB popping, they seemed to be able to pop the MOABs faster than the mauler, and also, the MOABs came out damage, can someone tell me why this is happening.

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    Only thing other than a bug causing the moabs to be damaged before coming out, that I can think of, is monkey knowledge, but I do not think that's how the HP reduction takes place.
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      Interesting. Perhaps the reason is due to the faster rate of the chopper's firing. Also, the reason blimps come out damaged is because of Bloon Sabotage monkey knowledge.
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        Kinda late answer, but whatever.

        Heli Pilot is like the Tack Sprayer, in the way that it can damage the same bloon with multiple projectiles at once. Thus they're pretty good against solo MOABs because they can focus their firepower onto one target which Maulers cannot.

        Against grouped MOABs, they fall short because of their low pierce.


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          Perhaps the heli pilot injured the MOAB right before it enters the screen.


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            No, it is probably bloon sabotage or the 33% health deduction in BMC