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Fireworks event missing?

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  • Donkey Kong
    There were none for the 4th of July. I had contacted them and they said they weren't going to do one. They also weren't going to do Year of the Monkey.

    I had 20K+ bloonstones to spend at the time (bloonstone festival usually appears at the same time). It delayed me from leveling up all my towers to 15, so I had to work longer for it. By the time Halloween comes around the corner (if they do one at all), I will have leveled up everything to 15 and the monkey knowledge gained from bloonstone festival will be useless by then.

    I think they pretty much abandoned this game since they're focused on BTD6. They forgot Bloon Spy Invasion for 7 months... until I reminded them in July.

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  • secretbluegamer
    started a topic Fireworks event missing?

    Fireworks event missing?

    Unless I blinked and missed it, this year there seems to be NO fireworks event. What's the reason for that?