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Multiple IAPs to remove ads

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  • Multiple IAPs to remove ads

    I am aware I need to buy one of the items that’s around over $3 in order to remove ads, and those items will have a label saying so, but what if I buy two items that have less value individually, and don’t have the label, but their combined value exceeds $3 or $4? Will ads still be removed or will i have to buy one of the items that specifically states it removes ads.

    ex. Will both Banana Farmer + City Walls remove ads?

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    I don’t really know, but I do have a suggestion that would allow you to possibly remove ads for free. If you win a Star Prize during a festival event which happens to be a premium decoration pack, the game will think you bought it and turn off ads forever.

    It’s not a solution to the problem you put forward, but perhaps it’s a viable workaround at the very least.
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      Unfortunately it will only trigger with items specifying that they remove ads.