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idea for all the monkeys popping bloons games

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  • idea for all the monkeys popping bloons games

    How about randomly generated maps? An algorithm to generate a path x long with y turns with z loopbacks on itself

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    Hmm, interesting. As long as the paths are consistently the same length.
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      That needs too much programming as the maps in the game are made very easy they use an background picturesand exit, entrance, direction, paths probably with an invisible trail laid over the background map as for yours many many more map backgrounds for each map must be added which is way too much.


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        Not a terrible idea but that would take too much effort definetly,


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          I don't think it would be too much to implement

          A variable for length, number of turns, distance between start and exit and how close the paths would be to each other. In a nutshell it would a script to create a linear line of a certain length with a certain number of turns throughout a box

          As for imaging, what could be an idea would just be to use stock tiles for the path and stock tiles for the parts of the map that aren't path (think of the map editor BTD4 had at one point). And then throw in a few random tiles off-path that don't allow tiles to be placed.

          The advantages for implementing this would enhance the game's replay value. If you play any of the games often enough you end up playing the same map over and over and you figure out what strategies are best for that map.


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            To add a pattern layer mechanism that must be created for each map and that lays then over the maps background image with path to create those boxes where the path tiles come in which is also not that easy and quite some work for NKbut also it would probably need more than 50 of that box patterns where the path tiles come in and that will probably make quite some more lag. And each map needs at least 8 different tiles so 4 for each possible straight path and another 4 for each possible curve in path and each map must also would need a background imagine with painted in path so 9 additional graphic files per map that then not only make lag but the game would also need much longer to load and uses more space and banthwith on NK Server and each sites space and total bandwith per user and also for all users together is limited.