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If you could choose any three events running...

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  • If you could choose any three events running...

    If you could choose any three events running at once always, not including Boss Bloons or special time events such as Fireworks Event, what would they be? And what Boss Bloon would you wish always run? The limitation for the non-Boss-Bloon events is that only one of each type of event can run at once. And only one Boss Bloon can appear at a time.

    Hmm... Maybe I'd go for Ninja-Chipper-Engineer with Monkey Knowledge Packs reward, a Mini Land Grab Bloonstones, and a Bountiful Harvest. And perhaps I'd always go Bloonarius, especially with my trusty Magic Spanner special item for those cheaper Buccaneers.
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.

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      Monkey Knowledge Madness, Dart-Ninja-Spike Monkey Team, and Bloonstone Festival. No preference to bosses; I’d be fine with the current rotation they have.
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