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This is how long it will take you to get to level 15 MKP on everything

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  • This is how long it will take you to get to level 15 MKP on everything

    Just got everything to level 10 from level 9. Took 61 days or 2 months. Total play time: 324 days as of today. History plus extrapolated data shows total ~782 days to reach level 15 on everything starting at level 0.

    Some background info. I leveled up to City Level 40 at around the same time all my MKP leveled to 9. Thanks to this, I can attempt level 20 bosses.
    I rarely play CT since I don't have that kind of time (I'll play Milestones up to level 46 on some occasions, rarely 100, but never Hold Territory), but I always play bosses to level 20. I also get MKP from beacons and events; capturing 3 land tiles (3 tiles on weekdays and 6 on weekends) or a capture equals a guaranteed MKP. I do not spend Wild Cards until towards the end when there are a few towers "left behind" who haven't caught up yet; spent 35-40 wildcards, got 146 left (saving leftovers until level 14).

    If you play casually like I do, then it will take 2 months to get everything to level 10 from 9. That's 15,000 XP to reach level 10 according to Wiki. I've extrapolated the data and at this rate, it'll be July 2019 when everything is maxed... Holy shit! ‚Äč

    Note: I did not take into account events such as Spy Invasion and Fireworks + Bloonstone Festival (got 10K+ bloonstones saved up for this event), and spending all leftover wildcards at level 14.

    Hopefully this will help someone who's curious about how long this will take when played casually. It'll be 2 years + 2 months when I started playing. Less if you play CT aggressively all the time and playing bosses aggressively at level 20 before reaching City Level 40.

    EDIT: Read further below. The above regarding playing for 782 days is false. The information from Wiki is misleading. It seems to be capped.
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    Interesting. Me as a Bloons Wiki editor has heard that Junior Monkey in the Ninja Kiwi Forums talked about that the XP required in each book is bumped up after Rank 5. And I could hardly even reach Rank 5.
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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      Hmm... It took 60 days to level up to 11 (used a few wildcards in the end); about the same as the previous level.

      Either the probability for super rare cards improve based on some measure (city level or MKP level/total xp), or it's capped. I will play another 60 days and see if it's still the same.

      600 MKP
      80 Ancient MKP
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        61 Days later...

        654 MKP
        80 Ancient MKP
        Started with 283 Wild cards, ended with 467 Wild cards (did not spend them at all).

        Was not close... only a few leveled up. I'll edit this post once they've all leveled up to 12.


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          My city is about 8 months old and I'm only level 6 or 7 in each tower soo...


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            Here are the days (will be different for everyone) to reach these levels.

            Started in June 2017.
            Level 1-8: did not track
            Level 9: 263
            Level 10: 324
            Level 11: 384
            Level 12: 466
            Level 13: 543
            Level 14: 691
            Level 15: 810*
            Completed in August 2019.

            It's going to take 2 years and 1-2 months (beating round 20 of every boss every week). I don't play CT much. I spend all my bloonstones when there is fireworks and bloonstone festivals happening at the same time.

            Word of advice, don't dump all your wildcards on a single tower for the sake of reaching lvl 15 quicker. You'll regret getting worthless coins when that tower is maxed out. Save them to "balance" things out (towers that are behind and need a boost). This will matter a lot once you've reach lvl 14 for all towers.

            *Can be sooner. I had 279 Wild Cards remaining after spending 1,459 wild cards. I underestimated how much I would gain from MKPs. I also had ~20K bloonstones that I could've used during the 4th of July (bloonstone festival), but unfortunately they never put on the event. Bloon Spy Invasion was absent for 7 months...
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              one billion years


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                2 years and 1-2 months.


                • Salmon
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                  Wow, that's a long time. xD

                • Bitterblue
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                  Are you playing on mobile or flash?

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                It's different for mobile and flash after rank 5 (1-5 mobile flash are equivalent), because flash caps out at 2500 XP per level whereas in mobile the XP required for the next level increases by 2500 XP for every level before it. Therefore it's basically ridiculous about thinking about maxing mobile since it takes around 5.5x as much XP (more than that actually).

                Also MK packs are harder to obtain on mobile so for flash, maxing MK is no problem. Mobile? You'd be grinding for a while.


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                  I hope they do the Christmas event this year, I have over 16K bloonstones. It would definitely help me get more MK packs if they did the Bloon Festival at the same time too.


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                    Originally posted by Bitterblue View Post
                    I hope they do the Christmas event this year, I have over 16K bloonstones. It would definitely help me get more MK packs if they did the Bloon Festival at the same time too.
                    I was told during Halloween, which they didn't do, they have no plans for Christmas. I hope they change their minds because I got 30.8k of bloonstones since spending it all last Christmas.


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                      It takes 2.5 years more or less to capture all tiles on the map assuming 3 times a day on average.

                      Interesting things I noticed. If all tiles are occupied by mvm, bloon beacon doesn't work. You'll need to defend or lose to free it up and restart the app so the bloon beacon can appear.
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