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Change Contested Territory

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  • Change Contested Territory

    Contested Territory is pretty much always the same and is really boring. When you have all the towers it just becomes really monotonous and more of a grind than a challenge.

    As a change, maybe monkey teams must be used in the contested territory, maybe not all the time but at least once a week?

    This will make CTC be more exciting and challenging for players who have all the upgrades and give reasoning for getting the "bad" upgrades to use in the monkey teams!

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    If contested territory to s really boring to you, then don't do it. Even with your suggested changes, it would be pretty much the same feeling, unless you got no moab popping power or something, which I don't even know if that is possible. The only problem that I have with ct is that it only lasts four hours on mobile, so it isn't worth it to me.


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      Occupation is more interesting than milestones as you only need to reach that once unless you really want that cash, perhaps more gamemodes/models than these two.