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Special Building idea: Reward Center

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  • Special Building idea: Reward Center

    Unlocks on rank 25 and a 2x2 building. This gives players benefits for waiting a certain amount of time (max 5 days, one at a time)
    reward ideas:
    1 hour: 1 free dart monkey or tack shooter. $500 monkey money for 10-100 EXP
    4 hours: 1-2 free dart monkeys or tack shoots or 1 free boomerang monkey $1500 monkey money or 100-250 EXP
    12 hours: 1-4 free dart monkeys, 2 free boomerangs, $2000 monkey money or 250 EXP
    1 day: 2-5 free dart monkeys, 2 free boomerangs or $2750 monkey money or 250 EXP
    2 days: 3-6 free dart monkeys, 1-2 free ninjas, $3000 monkey money or 250 EXP
    3.5 days: 5 free dart monkeys, 1-2 knowledge pack, $3500 monkey money or 300 EXP
    5 days: 6 free dart monkeys, 1 ninja, 2 wild packs and 1-3 knowledge packs, $5000 monkey money or 500 EXP
    All monkeys listed are rewarded in-game for free

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    You already get daily prizes (through special events), and these rewards seem OP. I would be able to get 24 dart monkeys, 8 wild packs, 12 knowledge packs, and $20000 money or 2000 EXP in a day without hitting my limit.
    I needed a new signature and profile picture because the bloonchipper is not in the game anymore. The new tower:

    It’s a corrosive glue gunning layer stripping road spiking buff giving MOAB exploding transforming bloon shrinking tower dependent fairly cheap banana farm. It's... The Alchemist!

    RIP Bloonchipper. You were a good tower


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      yeah... I think it forgot to mention that it is consecutive. (like streaks)
      I just lost my starboard engine, set up for attack run.

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        If you get free monkeys in this, are they one-time use like the ones in btd 5? If not that would be broken, and even if they are, it would be a tiny bit over powered to have that many free towers on round 1. People would just spam farms until the 0-0 towers are struggling.