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Remove/replace Crazy Credit event

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  • Remove/replace Crazy Credit event

    Personally, I never use Bloonstones to get money. Even with Crazy Credit, it costs hundreds of Bloonstones for any usable amount of money since everything is like 20K plus. Maybe some people spend Bloonstones on this, but it seems like a overpriced thing and Crazy Credit is useless since it barely helps. I think they should replace it with another event. Here are some ideas.

    Construction Craze-Buildings and Research are twice as fast.
    Rapid Recruitment-When in a battle(not Contested or MvM) you get one extra of each tower.
    Tower Frenzy-10% extra attack speed to all towers.
    Or this one(which might help make CC worthwhile):Bloonstone Madness-Double Bloonstones for leveling up, NLL, other active event rewards, etc...
    Cheap Fueling-20% cheaper Aces, Buccaneers(even though early upgrade and cannon path are sailing ships), Heli Pilots, Bloonchippers, Spike Factories, and Engineer monkeys and upgrades.
    Bloon Disarray-Terrains with Bloon Strategies will be reduced to normal terrains;good for those [INSERT CITY WEAKNESS] terrains like Cluster or Camgrow pain terrains.

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    Crazy credits can stay for the peeps who are Pay to Win.
    I hope you use discord, because all the discord servers I go to is here so see ya there.


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      Agreed that Crazy Credit is useless, even for the p2w people. Some more suggestions:

      - Beacon Breakout. Three beacons appear at once instead of just one.
      - Specific terrain captures, such as plains, mountains, or rivers. Getting those terrains gives you additional rewards.
      - Monkey teams with different limitations. For instance, one tower max or left side upgrades only.
      - Win Streak: Lasts several days. Each tile or MvM you come out victorious gives you an additional tier of rewards. Losing resets the tier to 0.
      - Tile-based (x) hunts. For instance, on Easter there would be several tiles with eggs on them. Capturing the tile progresses you closer to the rewards.
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        Good ideas. The beacon breakout events would be good for those hardcore boss hunters out there! Lol.
        And I like the specific terrain captures, that is a really good idea.


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          Also agreed that Crazy Credit is useless, would rather use bloonstones on Tier 4 upgrades. The Beacon Breakout could be a good thing, as well as Bloon Disarray for those Jungle/Heavy Forest camgrow pain or RRoD's. (No, my weakness is not Lake, I have so many Ports because it's the only thing you can build on lake terrains.)


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            I agree, Crazy Credit appears to be the worst one along with the Warmonger Bonus. Just give me more MKPs!!