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  • MK mobile vs flash

    Why is MK sooooo slow in mobile compared to the online flash version? On flash I have 12+ MK on every slot and neither city is maxed yet, but on mobile my city is maxed (has been for weeks) and my MK is only 6s and some 7s. I've even bought MK packs, they are on sale now, and even the gold ones move the bar so little. WAI?

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    Reason: The EXP increases until it reaches 3000.

    Gold: 12 Needed for each level
    Red: 100 Needed for each level
    Purple: 38 Needed for each level, then starts with 400 EXP, which requires 37
    Green: 300 Needed for each level

    The speed of gaining them is how much time you have and how much you play.
    Plus, they are harder to gain, and there are three more categories.
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      ^ ???

      But no that's not how it works.

      On Flash, the XP requirement for each rank hard caps at 2500. (Starting at rank 5)
      On Mobile, instead of hardcapping, every additional rank increases the XP requirement by 2500.
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        Thank you JM for that perfect explanation. We shall keep chipping away at it!


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          questions about the work that I do


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            Aw man. I wish there was a hardcap of the XPs somewhere.
            If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.