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  • Originally posted by djk0102 View Post
    Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to start over in bloons monkey city. Or if there's a way to delete your account.

    Please, Thank you for taking the time to look at my post.
    Contact Support (bottom left of game screen). they'll delete for you, then you can set up another account.... that's what I did a few years ago for one of my grandsons.


    • So, even if my account is months old, I've got to wait 24 hours after making my 5th reply before I can make my own topic? Am I understanding this correctly?

      Edit: I see the "+post topic" button now, never mind
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      • How come SAS 3 works on the latest flash player but SAS 4 doesn't?


        • Luminos
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          If you go to the blog post, its been answered for you.
          The exact reason is that SAS4 as a game is much larger so was created as multiple .swf files, (the files that code for the game) which was the intended way to make large flash games. However the v30 update removed a feature that allowed the .swf files to communicate with each other in the way SAS4F required as it was a gateway for hackers to hack your computer so was promptly removed. That's why SAS4 flash is bugged. NK tried putting all the code into 1 .swf file and the game lagged so badly that they decided to revert it to this state. If you want to play SAS4F, here's the most up to date fix: